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February 02, 2016



It's not that hard to understand. The Evangelical crowd that fawns on Ted are predisposed to believe in things that are demonstrably not true, and trained, sometimes from birth, to swallow whatever their pastors or other chosen leaders tell them. Quite uncritically. If they had any capacity for critical reason, they would long since have bailed on Evangelicalism and the GOP.

Anne J

I am repelled by the very image of Ted Cruz and I have a very difficult time understanding the appeal of him. Yet I'm still rooting for him over Donald Trump to win the nomination. He'd be more of a WMD to the republican party than Trump would be.

Peter G

Have faith, so is almost everyone else. The overarching theme of this election cycle seems to be that offensiveness pays. It does seem to engender passionate loyalty doesn't it? But only from relatively small minorities. The competition to establish who is the bigger shit head, Ted or Donald, is now inevitable and their fans don't strike me as the type to go along quietly with whoever wins.
If you listened to his victory speech wherein he congratulated the courage of those that supported him then you get Ted. If you don't support him you aren't courageous. Now I think Ted imagines that sort of talk will inspire the two thirds of the voters who didn't vote for him to think that they might too now aspire to be courageous and should join the swelling multitude. But that's not how real people think. What they think is, Cruz you are a smug asshole.


A mind in which Ted represents righteousness seems impossibly cheesy.

Neon Vincent

Behold the power of cheese.

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