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February 29, 2016



I don't use Facebook, but do what you must.


You autocrat, you!

Peter G

I'll drag myself into the appropriate century if I must but I would regret the collegiality of this comment section. Facebook I fear will require engagement with poo flingers.

Peter G

Let's make that the loss of the collegiality....


A difficulty with the FB model is that even if you've "liked" a page, you won't necessarily see postings to it, because of FB's undisclosed algorithm for determining what a user sees in their page feed. I frequently don't see things that some of my friends post. So we might lose out on some postings altogether, and we might just as easily lose track of ongoing threads. We are also completely at the whim of FB with regard to when and how they make changes to their search parameters. So I prefer the current approach. And I, too, prefer the saner nature of (most) comments here.


I'm with bbkingfish and Peter G. I don't use Facebook either -- anonymity generally suits me -- but I would if you shut down the comments here. I enjoy them as much as your own observations.


I also don't use Facebook and never will. Facebook is spyware and I value my privacy.


For security reasons, I am unable to access Facebook.

David & Son of Duff

Now I'm seriously worried! I find myself in total agreement with everyone else here - 'shlock-horror'!

I, too, do not 'do' Face Book, or anything else, really, except these rather quaint old-fashioned 'computer-blog-thingies'.


Well, I suppose I could stand to gain from trying to mainstream Ron "Severe Dementia" Fournier on a platform like FB, but I prefer the local feel of this place.

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