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February 05, 2016



"Please clap."

Peter G

There is no accounting for taste.


It probably won't take many of these embarrassing events before Barbara grabs Jeb by an ear, leads him off stage and makes him sit in his room without supper to think about what he's done.

The Dark Avenger

After 4 decades, my mother's evaluation of my first performance in a high school play comes to mind:

"Well, you weren't as bad as I thought you'd be."

That was a pure enconium, compared to this. He's obviously not into campaigning, but he's there to give one last try for his father, it reminds me of the Rex Stout line about the Anglo-Saxon approach to desserts and emotions: Freeze them and shove them in your belly.

Shaw Kenawe

Didn't she say we've had enough Bushes in the White House?

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