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March 01, 2016


Necessary over-dramatic bullshit in my opinion. You know why no one attacked Trump? Because everybody thought it was somebody else's job. Everybody figured someone was going to do it so why eat the cost of doing so themselves. American elections hinge on turnout and while it is hard to envisage Trump not driving sentiment on the left to such extremes that it becomes easy to believe that individual votes are unnecessary. I don't just want to see Clinton elected. I want to see the Republicans lose control of the Senate and (I dream big too) maybe even the House. I want whoever succeeds Harry Reid to be able to invite Mitch McConnell to the senate to witness the hearings on the next Supreme Court nominee. Or not because they don't need to give a fuck if McConnell is there or not.

"After all, is there anything more perilous to U.S. national security and the general welfare than a former secretary of state having read unclassified documents on her personal email account?"

No, but allowing the world and his uncle to read the classified ones, too, might prove a little dangerous!

Jest sayin'!

Hmm that's odd. Who is demanding that they all be put out there to be read. Oh right, the Republicans. That seems eminently conservative, Hey everybody look at this! We need to put Clinton in jail because you might have seen this thing that wasn't classified when Clinton
saw it!

You're hanging your hopes on a pretty thin thread there David.

I'm happy to be corrected, Peter, and so I assume that you are maintaining that all the documents on her server were unclassified.

In which case, why is the FBI investigating?

I don't know... Trump's pretty smart. Say he starts by making fun of Hillary's godawful body language execution and unsurpassed talent for enthusiasm smothering. Then he pivots to Bill's creepy ideas of fun and all the stupid scandals. He could make a lot of Dem voters down a water glass full of liquor to force themselves to the polls. If enough run off the road on the way there we could be in trouble.

Poor Bernie. Trump has pushed his political revolution way out of the conversation. My guess is that after Super Tuesday, his message is lost in the din whether he stays in or not.

Who isn't gobsmacked? The Republicans are actually going to nominate Donald Fucking Trump! I've been convinced by the number of Republicans spotted running around like chickens with their head cut off.

I'm with PM. This is going to be a landslide. But a Trump Presidency is one of those low probability, high consequence possibilities. The idea is so horrific, everybody will work like a dog to avoid it. A landslide. Possibly historic.

On the Democratic side the election is about an appropriate division of labor.

1) Hillary runs a positive Democratic campaign for the Presidency.

2) Barack gets out on the stump to rip Republican obstructionism in both the house and Senate, with particular emphasis on the Supreme Court nomination and how we can't let the bastards get away with it any more.

3) Michelle can't really help Obama explain to the country how Republican obstructionism is the real blight, so she can help Hillary.

4) Bill cranks up the Clinton attack machine to lead the mocking, jeering and otherwise eviscerating of Donald Trump.

There will be overlap, of course, but the theme is easy. "If its blue, vote for it."

You seem to be ignoring the polls showing Sanders beating all Republican candidates in the national election while Hillary trails them. Blowout indeed, for Donald Trump. And you should dig deeper into the issue of the emails. Just because the emails weren't marked "classified," doesn't mean she didn't know they were based on classified information but sent them anyway. And are you really supporting the ability of a public servant to unilaterally determine which emails were personal? Given the history of the Clinton's corruption and war-making, I'm surprised you're supporting the status-quo by leaving out significant information about what's going onto support your views.

Best case scenario - the optimists are right, but the Bill Clinton-led assault on Trump's candidacy succeeds in making what would have been a blowout a landslide instead, possibly bring the House majority into play.

Worst case is obviously that the drooling insanity that Trump has tapped into to get this far is deeper and more pervasive than we thought and he has a chance to win. In which case, my father has residency in New Zealand. My family and I could probably take up refuge there for some amount of time.

I have followed Hillary's career (for, what, 40 years?) and I think she is a very ethical and principled politician. I doubt if you have real evidence that says otherwise. Plenty of people have tried to paint her as whatever without laying a glove on her. She'll make a good president.

Sanders has almost no path to the nomination so it doesn't matter whether he would do better against Trump or not. These polls are meaningless anyway in Sanders case. He - and his positions - have never been attacked by the right.

It's an unfortunate fact that more Dem voters than GOP voters are electoral free riders (i.e., they don't bother to vote if they think their vote isn't necessary), so it's fine with me if Bill stokes their fears.

a better question is why aren't they investigating Powell who admitted to doing the same thing?

have you ever lied to a pollster just to mess with their head? or answered truthfully that you love trump even though you aren't registered and have never voted?

I quite agree, sauce for both goose and gander!

Yes, but you didn't care until Clinton was accused. And I doubt you actually care about the national security issues at stake (because they're so minute, only a paranoiac would). You just want to see Clinton defeated.

They are investigating to see if there was a security breach which actually means whether or not there was an intrusion into this server. Which does make its use in any way illegal by the parties who owned it. It wouldn't really matter if there was as far as Clinton goes because, odd aspect of the law, it is not illegal to have your house burglarized either. The crime lies with the burglar.

Ooh I'll take that one. ALL precedent allows people who served in public office to own their personal communications. And to delete or shred them and they do get to decide. The Bush administration deleted millions. The president's personal papers are his to dispose of as he wishes. The government requires official government documents to be preserved but it does not say where. Ever wonder if all the stuff in Cheney's man sized vaults were turned over to archivists? You might want to ask how the Bush administration was able to delete millions upon millions of e-mails that were quite clearly communications for government purpose without any jeopardy. They just had a big oopsy.

I, indeed none of us, knew until Clinton was accused. And you may be right, that the information was trivial and, given the propensities of civil servants to over grade security levels, it might all be a storm in a teacup - but then again, it might not, so we need to be told which in turn means that the FBI must report and do so before the election.

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