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April 27, 2016


I get the impression Parker's piece was written in a washroom stall in order to avoid an insistent copy editor. It must have seemed a good place to pinch a logos.
We must travel in completely different orbits for I can find little evidence that the internet blogs are alive with discussions of Plato and Aristotle and this American election of 2016.
Let us apply a little of the old logos to her argument. Plato feared rhetoric could be used to rouse man's baser instincts. He was right it can. Though there are about a thousand better examples of it than Trump. (If I might go Godwin for a moment and parenthetically mention A. Hitler?) This begs the question, would Plato be horrified that he was correct? I doubt that.

What he might be horrified by is that a writer would link his name and the art of rhetoric to the stuff that comes out of Trump's mouth. Which consists mostly of sentence fragments that are only tenuously connected to each other or reality. What was once considered an indispensable part of a sound education, the ability to publicly pronounce logically sound and emotionally compelling arguments in order to persuade has been debased into what Trump does. And canned poop is modern art.

Agree 100%... Hillary needs to treat Drumpf in a way he has never experienced: with complete ridicule of him and all that he stands for. His vast wealth, influence and celebrity have kept him shielded from anyone being able to call him out on his idiocy and ignorance, because wealth, influence and celebrity will do that. On the political stage, Hillary is going to slaughter him by simply pointing out his inane views, his obvious contempt for all but the .01 percenters, and his thin-skinned childish personal behavior. He's NEVER had to answer to anyone for anything, but that is now going to change, and it will be a beautiful thing to behold. I look forward to their first debate, because Hilz will drink his milkshake, baby.

I hope we're not underestimating Democrats' ability to fuck it up.

Yes. Hillary and her staff should watch the video of President Obama's roasting of Trump at the Nerd Prom EVERY DAY. Maybe twice a day. Obama showed the way to get to Trump.

"It must have seemed a good place to pinch a logos."


(Seriously, good one.)

But will he debate? He would be wise not to - he skipped some of the candidate debates, why not skip debating Hillary?

He won't be able to prevent himself from debating Hilz because his ego is just too mammoth. He really thinks he can go toe-to-toe with her because... well, no one has ever done that to him with force and vigor. He has no clue how truly shallow and vapid his knowledge of the world is, being an entitled patrician his entire life. It's gonna be an epic takedown and he won't handle it well.

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