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April 27, 2016


You do know that Obama under the table tried to force Iraq's government to renegotiate a SOFA agreement and was rejected? Sure you do.
You do know the Taliban is more powerful than at any time since they were overthrown and that members of Obama's own administration urged him not to do the failed surge don't you?
Sure you do.
But yes Trump exaggerated. Just like Obama did when the told the US troops in Iraq they had won a more or less justifiable war after all and had helped turn Iraq into a fledgling democracy.
That opened the door for the neocons like Cheney to pounce on him. But he preferred doing that to prosecuting them for the crimes much of his base had presumed he would....

There seem to be some recurrent problems in democracies that spend their time prosecuting the previous government for things. Especially when that previous government was re-elected. It is a curious thing. I've noted, with no little irony attached, that the people who wail about the injustice of mass incarceration seem to want to put about half the population, the part they don't like, in jail. When pressed about exactly what charges they propose to lay things seem to get a little nebulous. Things might be a little easier if stupid were a crime. But then they themselves might be at risk.

I find the use of the word base intriguing as well since it seems to describe a very loud minority.

The pundits are going to make Trump "respectable", because they're only interested in appearances. Trump is doing a good job delivering a less insane speech written by someone else and bingo , Trump is magically transformed into an intelligent and not too crazy candidate. Forgotten the demonstration of the last few months that the man doesn't know anything, and is a dangerous narcissist.

Republicans who a few weeks ago were saying they would run from Trump will come back and endorse him, mark my words. The establishment of the GOP will say to themselves that they can put Trump in the Oval and control the guy; leave governance to the pros. They did it at least another time with Reagan, especially in his second term.

The media, eager for a horserace, will gladly rehabilitate Trump as a reasonable candidate. It is always about what a man appears to be, as opposed to what a man really is , what knowledge and preparation he has, what his character is.

Remember when some people were sounding the alarm about George W. Bush ? That he didn't know the world, didn't demonstrate any sophistication of thinking ? Oh, but he looked so friendly, he was the kind of guy you could "have a beer with"…

The american socio-politico-media culture is so shallow it's terrifying. I am SERIOUSLY worried that Trump could end up president. Hillary Clinton is extremely qualified for the job, but she's not as strong a candidate as I would like. In addition to the superficiality of campaign coverage, other factors will play a role: 1) the constant smearing of Hillary during the last 25 years 2) the strong anti-establishment feeling in the population and 3) the fact that a Hillary Clinton's presidency also means the return of BILL into the walls of the WHite House and given his past indiscretions it could make many independents and low info voters look for the alternative especially if the media tells them that the alternative is not crazy nor scary.

I will gladly admit I'm wrong if Hillary wins in a landslide. But Democrats shouldn't feel complacent. They should unite and work like hell and not take any chances.

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