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May 27, 2016


But perhaps, Trump will remain unusually soft and polite and give Bernie all the time and space he wants to spread his Marxist gospel loud and clear - to the detriment of 'HillBilly' before the Democrat convention which will be swamped by his young and enthusiastic and dumb adolescents.

Jest sayin'!

He'd need a tranquilizer dart first. As for Bernie, all he has to do is talk about Trump's ties with Roy Cohn and various mobsters, and talk about a fellow Brooklyite who was screwed over by Trump's late University.

Pass the popcorn, please. No butter, we're Scottish. 👽

I know the Donald loves to brag about his big... language skills because according to him he has the best words. But I still think you gave his vocabulary abilities too much credit. I got the general point. I just couldn't hear those exact words coming from his puckered little mouth.

DA beat me to the punch with his observation regarding chemical restraint of Trump's mouth. And I also agree with DA that Bernie is perfectly capable of landing some solid punches. The Donald does not like punches. Better have extra darts handy.

Forgive PM. Channeling Trump properly requires aggressive brain surgery. Conducted with a pointy stick.

So I must classify myself among those hardy souls who see no downside to this cage match. Bernie either does well or he does not or we have something that does little to shift polled perceptions, an approximate tie. If he does well good for him. It won't change anything on the Democratic side of the equation but it would sure hurt Trump to be damaged by the runner up in the Democratic contest. If he does poorly than it presages election disaster for a Sanders vs Trump card. Ditto for an approximate tie. In either of those two cases Bernie's last argument for overturning democracy in the Democratic party disappears in a puff of smoke. And that helps Clinton a lot.

In any and all cases the inevitable Trumpian assault on Bernie which would dwarf any primary campaign dust ups and would almost certainly inspire Bernie's troops to exact revenge the only way they will soon have available. Which is to vote for Clinton.

Obviously I think little of friend Duff's contribution to the range of possible outcomes. It is not in him to be nice to any opponent and most especially when playing nice means he loses. Bigly. He must destroy Bernie or flop sweat trying.

Part of me would like to see Bernie do this because it will destroy him and expose him as a fool, but most of me hates the idea because it will be so good for Trump. I can't see the downside for Trump. He will make a blatant pitch for Bernie's voters.

I don't think we should forget that Fox will be asking the questions and setting the frame of the debate. Trump will basically agree with everything Bernie wants to do. He will not say one bad thing about Bernie. He and Fox will want the discussion to be all Hillary, all the time.

It will be so easy for Trump. First he will want to talk about how the Democratic establishment is coronating Queen Hillary and screwing poor Bernie. He was strong enough to win his battle against the rigged system, but poor Bernie didn't quite have the cojones to pull off the same trick.

Next, Trump will agree with Bernie about campaign financing and brag about how he once bought Hillary with contributions and he whistled and she came running to his wedding. And what is it with her Goldman speeches? He self funded his primary campaign and he would self fund against Bernie too. He had to reluctantly accept money in the general because Hillary will have billions behind her and however rich he is, he can't compete with the dirty Clinton money machine. At least voters will know the money isn't buying him because he is already so rich.

Next there is trade. Obviously Bernie and he are on the same page. But who would choose Bernie to renegotiate all those deals instead of Trump, the deal-maker?

Healthcare? Bernie is right again - the Donald supported universal healthcare at one time - and everybody knows Obamacare sucks. The only difference between them is that Bernie's plan requires trillions in tax increases and Donald will figure out how to get everyone health care while cutting taxes. How? Donald's pixie dust is waaay more stronger than Bernie's pixie dust.

Foreign policy? The same page again. Did you hear my "America first" speech Bernie? We don't want no stinking regime change do we, Bernie?

Bernie will get to sputter out parts of his stump speech while Trump spends his time insulting Hillary. When Bernie does actually land a blow, Donald will say something like "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Normally I would chop you to bits for attacking me, but aside from the fact I am a capitalist and you are a communist, we agree on too many things. The real enemy is the establishment and I'm going to take it down and really shake things up. That's the important thing. If it is important to your supporters they should come to me since you were so badly screwed."

The wrap?

"There is no difference between Hillary and the establishment Republicans. Hillary is a closet Republican, amiright? Everybody knows that. If I wanted Republican lite I would have let Jeb Bush win. The whole system is corrupt. Let's bring it down Bernie. You and me together."

It's fun to ponder, but it probably won't happen. See this:

Does Bernie want to win?

And this one:

Bernie can't win. Considering anything else about him is boring. The only question about Bernie that is left hanging is how much damage he can inflict on the Democratic party. Don't bore us. Please.

It is Hillary or Trump. Pick a side.

My own preference would be Sanders publically asks Clinton to step aside if Trump is to be defeated, citing polls.
He can then go out with dignity.

I don't think it is possible for him to go out with dignity any more. I don't think he intends to do anything except go out kicking and screaming "Fix, fix, I was robbed."

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