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May 27, 2016


Did he miss what happened in Egypt? He must have been asleep that year.

I wondered if you would pick up on that one from 'The Kraut'! However, you seem to have missed a bit:

"The policies that followed — appeasing Vladimir Putin, the Iranian mullahs, the butchers of Tiananmen Square, and lately the Castros — have advanced neither justice nor peace. On the contrary. The consequent withdrawal of American power, that agent of injustice or at least arrogant overreach, has yielded nothing but geopolitical chaos and immense human suffering. (See Syria.)"


"He thus leaves a double legacy. His arc-of-justice aspirations, whatever their intention, leave behind tragic geopolitical and human wreckage. Yet this belated acquiescence to realpolitik, laying the foundations for a new containment, will be an essential asset in addressing this century’s coming central challenge, the rise of China."

Or, in other words, after seven and a half years of 'peace 'n' love, man', 'Ol' Big Ears' has begun to grow up!

Trump puts everything into perspective, in a yuge way.

Begs a lot of questions though. When the Bush administration did all those things, made trade deals with China and overlooked Tiananmen square and the Hainan incident, sucked up to Putin, and negotiated the withdrawal from Iraq of their monstrous fuck up, leaving the mullahs of Iran endless opportunities for mischief there was no arc of justice to be seen either. Just stunning incompetence. And nothing but excuses for everything from the old Krauthammer for all of these things and many more. I don't mind realpolitik. But I do mind realstupidpolitik.

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