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May 29, 2016


The only reason why he polls better against the Donald, is because he hasn't been placed under a general election microscope yet. If Hillary wins the nomination, the right wingers will simply use the same old attacks they've used on her the last twenty-five years with the email crap and maybe continue beating the dead Benghazi horse as well, though I haven't heard them bring that up as much anymore after she stared down Trey Howdy in that joke of a hearing last October. With Bernie, they get to unpack a whole new toy box of opposition research and he won't be able to withstand the attacks because his system hasn't built up the immunity to right wing jackassery that hers has. And it will be all new material, so there won't be enough time to counterattack or at least answer to the charges in any effective manner. And we've already seen how not just Bernie but his campaign and his cult followers react when challenged. It will be ugly and bloody and will only end up damaging the country.

The long slow fizzle to irrelevancy is how this has to end. Bernie won't win enough delegates to make the only argument to the superdelegates that can possible matter, that he won more delegates than Clinton and won more of the popular vote. Nothing else can possibly matter. I'm certain Bernie doesn't see it that way. That the majority of Democrats prefferred Clinton is to Bernie irrelevant. This seems to be the core of the new-progressive argument, that Democrats can't be trusted to vote properly and it is up to the elites to overrule them and hand the prize to the loser. Naturally the benighted and duskier hued voters who so massively prefferred Clinton are bound to accept this verdict with good grace as the inferiority of their status as voters is made clear to them. It won't just be man 'splained to them, it will be white man 'splained. What more powerful argument could they need?

A few weeks ago PM linked Kevin Drum's "Why I never warmed to Bernie Sanders" It pretty well outlines why Sanders is selling a con. The Naderites were actually less offensive than the Bernie Bros.

June 7 can't come fast enough for me. Come June 8, then President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senator Warren and all the rest can start to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Senator Sanders should have a very interesting January,2017. I hope the Democratic party treats him as the pariah he ought to be treated.

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