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May 06, 2016


Yogi Barrister

Be specific, who was she, what district was she running in? This smacks of bullshit without corroborating details.
The anecdote does illustrate why we need publicly financed elections, especially for the House.

Peter G

Unless her campaign was entirely self funded she took money from special interests. Everybody's interests are special interests. Take money from a union? Well guess what? they too are a special interest. So is Planned Parenthood. So is AARP. So is every group with more than two people.

I was once of like mind for the simple reason that politicians tend to focus on issues good for campaign fund raising rather than things that might be just a little more important from a general policy perspective. But I think that era is fading fast. If you have money what can you do with it besides make ad buys that change very few minds and most people tune out? Anything you can say in an ad you can say for free online. Superpacs are useless when it comes to the groundwork of GOTV operations and that is what it takes to win elections today.No amount of money can lipstick a pig it seems.

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