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May 20, 2016



Their original statement is correct, on so many levels it hurts.


As I tell my fundie friends, God obviously likes gays; He keeps making more of them.

Peter G

While the people who write such nonsense are proof against all rational argument it is fun to fuck with them. And I certainly have. Why, I would ask, if homosexuality is a choice, do you think you have the right to deny others personal liberty. Only a tyrant is against personal liberty. Or, say aren't those founding fathers the same guys who liked slavery and thought women shouldn't vote? These sort of questions are just what is needed to get their little neurons buzzing.

Peter G

They seem to have taken a suspiciously wide stance on this subject.


The whole "choice" canard is the lie that gives permission to hate. They need to hate. they need to scapegoat The Other. They need permission to hate. Orientation being a choice is the key here. Years ago I got into an argument with one of these types of haters, and when I said, "Oh, so YOU can choose to be gay!" the backtracking was delish.


What a bunch of pointy-headed, elitist, grammarians. You may know about readin', writin, and talkin' right, but we know what God wants. So there!

Texas (Signed in crayon)


Texan who is so very tired of GOP's ongoing success in making us the laughingstock of the world. (And, I take no responsibility for W or Cruz).


In a similar vein, my favorite question in those circumstances is "At what age did YOU make the choice not to be gay?"

Peter G

The choice canard is eradicable from that type of mind. But I do like to needle them with the idea that even if it were true it doesn't get them anywhere. And hey, keep an open mind you might like it if you tried it is good. Or your kids might. The last is guaranteed to make them pop a gasket.


So many of their kids do. It's fun to watch.


Love it.

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