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May 02, 2016


And instead of the GOP, he can call it the POG -- the "Party of God." It will fit the Dominionist insanity that runs in his family.


Republicanism has an educated base? You buried the lede.

More of a vermiform appendix really, with emphasis on the vermiform. The term base has become so nebulous in meaning that it is more or less merely a substitute for "a subset of human beings". And not necessarily a large subset either. I've always wondered why people from both the far left and the far right, who are very clearly such minorities that they despise most of the people on their own side, figure they are the base of anything.

That was one of the few times I've enjoyed watching Chuck Todd. That was an amazing imitation of a journalist he did. He pressed the key question of Cruz supporting or not supporting the man candidate Trump that Cruz describes as the harbinger of American doom. And Todd did an actual follow up! Just like real journalists are purported to do!

Not to quibble, but I'm quite sure that by "a subset of human beings" you actually meant "a set of subhuman beings." Nonetheless, I can see that you're feeling the verm...

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