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May 31, 2016

Comments Teflon my ass.

And if Bernie somehow snagged the dem nomination, it would be a contest between two spoiled little man-brats. I don't know what possibly would have been so entertaining about a debate between those two.

They should have used a condom. Or superdelegates. Or something.

There was actually a bit of Far Right sniping at Bush the Elder for his tax hike deal with Congress back in 1990. It was one of the reasons why Bush lost too much of his support in the face of a three-way race with Clinton and Perot.

Where was Gerson when the GOP was nominating and install/electing to office one George W. Bush, who was nearly as unfit for the office as the Vulgar Talking Yam?

Oh, that's right, Gerson was paid to polish that turd via Orwellian language and mendacity.

F that guy.

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