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May 31, 2016


This almost could have been titled "Toddler Trump III" except that a real toddler doesn't possess the language skills necessary to constantly whine "It's not fair!"

some early poll projections HAD Mississippi voting Democrat for President if Trump was the Republican. I'm not sure what the current polling is like though.

There are a ton of otherwise solid Red Republican states - Utah (!), Mississippi, Missouri, even Arizona and Texas - that are Leans Democrat on any given day.

Can we say the same of any Obama Blue states that could flip to Trump? Maybe Ohio, hopefully not Florida, but any others? I can't think of one.

This presser is but an example of what we have to look forward to. And I intend to enjoy every blessed minute of it. Trump cannot tolerate criticism of any sort and for any reason. In about two months his perpetual whining about the unfairness of politics is probably going to lead him to threaten to sue America for saying bad things about him or put forward a prospered constitutional amendment to make such criticism illegal or simply threaten to quit and go home. Trump may be the only politician in America who could make Hillary Clinton's relationship with the press seem cordial. They do have a horse race to sell right now and bullshit polling to sustain it. But once that heads down the Hershey Highway the media will have their own scores to settle and perfectly good story to promote. And that is how epic will Trump's failure be? Merely disastrous or perhaps catastrophic?

Every day is Festivus for Trump--feats of strength and airing of grievances, especially the latter. Break out the Festivus pole!

Hot news from the right: the viable Republican alternative spoken vaguely of by Kristol has been exposed. And he is a virtual unknown dude by the name of French. Owing to previous floating right wing memes he will probably be running as Mr. Freedomfries.

Shockin'! Shockin'! Especially when you compare the way he has handled his four press conferences this year with those of 'HillBilly' - oh, but wait - she hasn't actually held any at all!

Heavens to Betsy, what's the woman scared of?

Can't imagine!

Is that what the idiot RW are screaming about these days, dear boy?

Is that what you call that Trump thing, a press "conference"? And what did he confer on them? More of a cheesy whine party don't you think?

You may well be right, Peter, but how would you characterise her 'pressers'?

Oh, you can't, of course!

Actually I can. I characterize them as you do as currently being non-existent. That is the smart thing for her to do and she is doing it. If there is some rule in politics that requires you to assist your opponents I have not heard of it. If Donald Trump wishes to make himself the sole lightning rod for the press while attacking them if would be foolish for anyone to intervene.

Quite so but even our distinguished host should pause in his chuckling, chortling dismissal of Trump's ineptness and ask why it is that 'HillBilly' is too 'frit' to face the fourth arm of your Republic.

(I use the word "frit" because it was once used famously by the late Mrs. 'T' and I just know that 'DA' shivers at any reminder of her although whether with fear or desire I am not able to determine!)

Your argument is merely that because Trump does something incredibly stupid that Clinton would be obligated to do it too. The press is easily dealt with precisely because their access is limited. No journalistic gets, no airtime. Access has its price. Except for such as Donald who give it away rather promiscuously for free. You offer the silly hat argument. Politician A has worn a silly hat and been mocked. Therefore politician B is obligated to wear a silly hat too. No David they are not.

Hey, congratulations, there goes democracy!

Says a subject of Her Brittanic Majesty.


Yes, three cheers for Monarchy and Notre-Dame des Commerçants!

Sorry, DA, are you referring to Emperor Obama?

And by "Notre-Dame des Commerçants" do you mean 'HillBilly' who regularly rakes in $250,000 for secret speeches from that very fine example of democratic socialism, Goldman Sachs?

I was referring to two women, David. See if you've the brilliance to tell me who they are before the sun sets on the former capital of the. British Empire.

So was I!

Keep demonstrating why intelligent conservative is an oxymoron, David.

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