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May 30, 2016


They share a special bond over the millions they've lost in casinos.


I kind of get how hard it is for the media to pin Trump down on any of his interviews, but I sure wish the media would hold all of the so called respectable Republicans feet to the fire when they talk support for Donald Trump.

You're okay with the ban on Muslims?
You're okay with the Wall? The deport 11 million people policy?
You're okay with nukes for Japan? With bailing on NATO?
You're okay with trade wars?
You're okay with him not releasing his taxes?
You're okay with the fraud claims against Trump U?
You're okay with...

What do you like about Donald Trump?

I see! So that's the 'HuffPo' being, er, "factual" and "non-judgmental" on every single item of Trump news.

Not fit to wrap one's chips in, then!

And what errors do you find about Trump in their statement, dear boy?

Not surprising an acolyte of Notre-Dame les Commerçants finds anything other than the Daily Mail inaccurate and unworthy of scrutiny.

Well, I suppose one man's xenophobia is another man's patriotism.

"Words, words, words" as that gloomy Dane was wont to say!

Yes, it's so patriotic it'll make your head spin:

Pressed by MSBNC's Chris Matthews on whether Trump’s friends could even get into the country with a ban on Muslims, Trump conceded. “They’ll come in,” he said. “They’ll come in, and you’ll have exceptions."

Glad to bring you up to date, Corporal Bull.

Hello! - DA! - are you reading? - he's a politician.

You know, just like 'HillBilly' - 'e-mails? what e-mails?'

Changing the subject again, dear boy? You quibble about a word, then, when I prove you wrong, dodge into, "He's just being a politician".

What was your complaint about the Huffington Post, that they're being unfair to a politician?

Thanks for playing, Corporal Merlot.

You sound a tad grumpy, DA, I do hope I haven't upset you.

Just pointing out certain facts to you, brave Sir Robin!

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