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In Sausalito overlooking S.F. Bay with my uncle, Lucky Strike nonfilters and a case of Bud. Those splendid days are long gone.


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June 28, 2016



And yet Republican voters chose him over sixteen other buffoons. What does that say about his primary competitors? What does it say about Republican primary voters? The rot in the Republican party doesn't start and end with Donald Trump.

Peter G

Ahh but they chose him because he was calling the other candidates buffoons. He is the voice of his people. And can anyone say that in the primaries he was wrong about his opponents?

Ken Hoop

Beg to differ.


As with all Patrick Buchanan, it probably sounds better in the original German.

Ken Hoop

Certainly not like some broken German...e.g. dual loyalist Kissinger's.


So you have not the slightest idea who is Patrick Buchanan. It takes a special ignorance to be as snide as you are.

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