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June 25, 2016



Just so you know..... you regularly and emphatically succeed in providing original thought and insight. And thank you for that. Your words are an island of sanity in the political commentariat sea. I think more people would benefit from a visit here.


Oh, I think these discussions can only do good. Anything to get leftists and liberals to shape up and vote for results instead of engaging in gestures to "send a message to the establishment."

Marc McKenzie


Peter G

I found the consensus of the punditry offensively simplistic as well. The contrary is likely to be true. Within hours of the vote results being known the other chief topic was buyers remorse. Here is a curious fact: the number two Google search in the UK on the day of the vote was What is the EU? Boris and the the other leaders of the Brexit movement are now of the spot. Well boys you've taken your country back. From whom is unclear. For what reason equally so. Far from being a sign that Trump will be victorious, it is much more likely to serve as an example of what shooting yourself in the foot to show "them" looks like.

Peter G

Btw I meant to add that I read a lot of crap on the Internet for one must observe how the other half lives. But that isn't why I infest this place.


To those who see this as a precursor to the tRumpisation of the USA, I remind you of the 2008 meme that asserted any "big" news event as "good for John McCain", remember? In fact Brexit will ultimately be seen as one more nail in the Donald's electoral coffin. As he, the Iranian Ayatollah and Putin cheer on economic chaos and imminent recession in Great Britain, cooler heads, including Ms. Clinton's, will once again highlight tRumps impulsive narcissism, and his gross unfitness for local dog catcher.

Ken Hoop

Carpenter wisely rarely attempts to utilize whatever distinctively creative talents he possesses to portray Clinton as a successfully, non-corrupt, anti-Elitist
reformer candidate.


Thanks in part to the leadership of Barack Obama, the US experience during the Great Recession was nowhere near as crippling as the UK's or most of Europe's was. Because aside from the ill-fated 2011 austerity Kool-Aid bender even Obama succumbed to briefly, we steered more of a Keynesian course.

So the level of anger, while very real as Bernie and the Short-Fingered Vulgarian have shown, isn't the same. And as PM noted, our electorate is far more diverse.

Trump = Brexit is lazy and ridiculous even by the absurdly low standards of Villager punditry. There may be a conceivable confluence of events that could occur that give Trump a path to the presidency, but the Brexit stupidity is no more of an omen of me shitting out a Trump-shaped turd tomorrow would be.


Brexit: Aftermath | Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux

Peter G

You know the Quebec separatists said exactly the same thing before and after their referendums of separation and they lost them. Why, they asserted, there would be no reason for the majority of Canadian banks to leave Quebec once it was a different nation. And now they are all headquartered, with the exception of a regional Quebec bank, in Toronto. It did take a couple of years for them to move.

The Brexit idiots can whistle in the dark all they like but the EU is not going to allow Britain unilateral legislative and regulatory control over the bulk of their financial sector. They'd have to be idiots to allow that to happen. And they are not idiots.

I remember well during the Quebec referendum when I used to do a fair amount of business in the heart and soul of separatist country pointing out things that shocked them. They firmly believed that the agricultural supply control system that gave them vastly disproportionate amounts of quota for dairy and poultry and egg production would continue. Umm no I said. If Quebec leaves Canada the politicians in the rest of Canada would be committing political suicide to allow that to continue. Ditto for every other wealth transfer mechanism that existed. Nope. All those things would be lost to Quebec. The Brexiters hold similar beliefs, that they will have all the benefits of being part of the EU while being, as the Quebeckers used to assert, masters in their own house. That's not going to happen.

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