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In Sausalito overlooking S.F. Bay with my uncle, Lucky Strike nonfilters and a case of Bud. Those splendid days are long gone.


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June 29, 2016


John S

Kasich always was the better general election candidate for the GOP but these polls should probably be taken with a grain of salt because hypothetical candidates often outperform real ones. He has whatever W had (not too intellectual and weird enough to seem genuine - it never worked for me but a lot of voters bought it) and Wall Street loves the guy. In reality he was also a Paul Ryan Grover Norquist dream candidate whose seemingly benevolent nature could be as great a con as the Donald and do lasting damage to the country of a different nature than Trump - more dystopia for the less fortunate, less apocalyptic. Glad he's gone.

Peter G

That's true. He was probably the most electable of their candidates. And he was universally loathed on the far right. Erickson, when he was at Redstate had not a kind word for Kasich. and no one else there did either.

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