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July 28, 2016


Peter G



i assume auto correct. One of the better ones.


I have to vent about this somewhere because I'm still flabbergasted. I was feeling pretty good about everything after hearing last night's speeches and reading the general reviews. Then on NPR this morning, Steve Inskeep (I think) was interviewing John Podesta and said something like this: "Yesterday, Donald Trump called for the Russians to help his campaign by providing hacked emails. Was the Clinton Campaign hoping to put the email issue behind them?"

I swear, if Trump does get elected, idiotic and incompetent reporters will bear some of the blame.


The media bears the overwhelming share of the blame for Trump. They created him and they're the environment which sustains him. But simultaneously, he's the food that sustains them, keeps the viewership up, the ratings, the clicks. They're also what media creature Ronald Reagan and his handlers used to create hate radio and Fox News, which they used to immerse white America in the fear, anger, and resentment that sustains Trump. And it's the media that for a quarter-century has relentlessly and despicably hounded Hillary Clinton about non-issues, making a woman who has been a devoted public servant into a pariah in the eyes of the people she's labored to serve, while they fawn over the lunatic ravings of a narcissistic madman.

If we either evade or survive the apocalypse with which their dereliction threatens us, we need to do something about this corrupted farce of a media. We could start by banishing all of the cable and network newscasters and their producers and senior staff to rural North Dakota to cover high school sports for the rest of their lives.


I'm glad that he said that that abortion of a convention wasn't conservative. They're straight up nihilists now. The law and order party tells everyone they're on they're own so you better get a gun. Watch a "Mad Max" movie to get an idea what a Trump presidency would be like

Peter G

Actually I'm Pastafarian.

Peter G

All true of course Dricey. Survival is the most basic of instincts and that's what they do, try to survive in a competitive environment where feeding the beasts allows you to live another day. But I don't see that as any reason to punish North Dakota high school athletes.

John S

Sooner or later in this campaign, I expect some surrogate to ask the rhetorical question, what are they (the GOP) afraid of? That once she has the job people will like her? That she might get something done despite a Congress determined to thwart her? Some subset of people who have repeated the false accusations like mantras for so long they take them on faith will be among the conned victims of Trump, but Republicans who know better are afraid of her. Is it the idea of this woman who will not give up and still won't go away to bake cookies? It is a little like Obama, it's hard to tease out some of the sexism from the rabid opposition the way it was hard to tease out the racism from some of the rabid opposition. Of course there has been ample overt racism from elected GOP officials at high levels in addition to the customary haters. Amid all the Clinton hating it feels like there is a sexist quality to some of her opposition (beyond Trump who demeans women by his very existence) but it may be most effective to let voters feel it and observe it rather than complain too specifically about it. At least she has ample experience walking that line and when she wins the way she does it will be part of the commentary.

And BTW What does Colin Powell or Condi Rice get paid for a speech? HRC must never mention the Hillary standard as per the 60 Mnutes interview, because in politics some truths can't be spoken by the candidate though it has been in evidence to this observer for many years.

At some point, perhaps it will occur to a larger portion of angry white working class people that Trump specifically and the GOP generally doesn't give a rat's ass about the quality of their lives. She doesn't need to win the demographic, just take a little bigger share. I hope they find a way to get it done.

Peter G

Among the many pieces one finds at Vox there are often little read gems. This is one:

Time is precious so I will offer a precis. The Republicans in 1964 and shortly thereafter sucked the racism poison out of the Democratic party and incorporated it into their own. Their intellectual class rejected government interference in American life through the agency of things like the Civil Rights Act but that's not the siren call their new masses heard. They did not care about the intellectual why. All they cared about was the opposition.


Conservatives are responsible for this mess so the term "conservatism" should forever be equated with racism, xenophobia, and anti-intellectualism. These vile things have always been at the root of this privileged white man's ideology - they can't be separated. I can count the number of "conservatives" that forcefully spoke out against this crap over the decades on one hand and *still* have fingers left over. The term "conservative" has actually earned as much (if not more) antipathy as conservatives have worked so hard to attribute to the term "liberal". And I used to be a conservative.


They are afraid that if they lose their positions of straight, white, male privilege they will be treated the way they have always treated others. This has been shown to be at the root of homophobia -- straight men are afraid that gay men will treat them like they have always treated women. Throughout the Antebellum South, a constant hue and cry was that some policy or another would make slaves out of the white folks. They're afraid of Hillary because they think she'll emasculate them (at least figuratively). They see the world as a zero sum game, which they're losing, and they're afraid of payback. So they'd rather destroy the world than give up their privileged positions in it.

But what they don't grasp is first, life isn't a zero sum game. Second, the goal isn't payback; it's justice, and mercy. Think the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Anne J

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you.

Anne J

Thank you for that link, Peter that was a really good interview. Avik Roy is the one conservative/republican I have seen that has finally acknowledged this face and even articulated it better than I've ever read: The republicans are the white nationalist party and have been since the Dixiecrats left the democratic party over the Civil Rights Act. In Donald Trump, they now have their official spokesmodel as well. But with Trump, he brings the added element of good old American celebrity worship with him to propel his rise as well. I will not count Reagan, because he was a b-actor at best, and tv pitchman. But maybe we should have seen this coming when here in California we had that embarrassing election to replace Gray Davis. Mega movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger won the election as soon as he threw his oversized hat in the ring and made the engineer of the recall Darrell Issa cry. It should have been seen as a precursor to the disaster at the top of the republican ticket today.

Ken Hoop

This is the Bloomberg who said the banksters were in no way responsible for the 2008 collapse, so, yes, it's fitting he and Wall Street Clinton are working together.

"Under FDR tutelage."

So we can expect another country given an unfulfillable ultimatum which country then bombs some imperial outpost of Atlanticism which then leads to large scale war and an actual complete economic turnaround/recovery from 2008 but at the cost of significant American lives?


Is there a translator in the house?

Ken Hoop

I see also Obama has come full circle in betraying his base.
He refuses to prosecute Bush-Cheney folding the dissidents into the DNC, Move On to puppet status-style (we will leave alone here his own ensuing war crimes) in so doing reforms rehabilitates/legitimitizes and thus allows Cheney to ultimately accuse him of "losing Iraq" by leaving too soon.

Now he further tries to rehabilitate the war itself by
dissing the Saddam Hussein who kept the jihadists suppressed and also protected Christians even having them as members of his government.

Obama is a disgrace and the hard core of Sanders folks who will have nothing to do with the Obama/Clinton phonies are the heroes, whether they vote for Stein, Trump or merely sit it out.


Obama a "disgrace"? Seriously? "folding the dissidens into the DNC"? Huh? This just in, child: Obama opposed the war from the beginning, as you used to note. Having a hard time keeping your ideology du jour straight? Think the dude would be alive today if he had prosecuted the Bush/Cheney war criminals? And fuck the hard core Bernouts who like you are too narcissistic to even begin to grasp the concept of, you know, "civic duty" but I suppose Putin poodles like you are already bought. Especially stupid trolling.

Jeff Ryan

Yeah, but then there's that pesky First Amendment.

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