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August 30, 2016


Peter G

Hear him. The voice of experience speaks. Especially in reference to sound husbandly practice. Of my own beloved wife I will say that she never yet has sprung that trap on me in response to the question what's wrong Honey? That is, of course, that "you should know what's wrong." Now your less experienced husbands, as I once was, are always tempted to audibly speculate as to what might be wrong. Do not speculate. Go right to contrition. If you speculate, was it this or that, the odds that you guess correctly are minimal but anything you guess at will be added to the charge sheet. It will become that too. This way lies unhappiness. Just be sorry and accept that whatever it was, if you're not sure, is not worth turning into the Battle of Waterloo.

Anne J

It doesn't matter what she says or does because she is always wrong anyway in what passes for the minds of those who HATE her. And yes they do hate her. They carp and nag like not picking spouses (no it is no just the wives, and I know it from bitter experience, when husbands do it, the outcome can be much more violent) that she has not given a press conference, yet another standard that has never been demanded of anyone else. Why do they want one? So that she can give them more fuel to keep the hate fires burning? She gets ragged on no matter what she does then is criticized for being too defensive. Well if they had people snooping around in every detail of their lives, how pleasant would they be? I always hear"Let Trump be Trump", yet no one ever says the same about Hillary Clinton. This is the woman who sat for eleven hours with hot air being blown in her face like a blow dryer. After it was over, she looked like she was fresh out of the salon, and the fire breathers were the ones left sweaty and exhausted at the end. Maybe all she has to do is sit there and be quiet while the human brush fire blows smoke. Sure, she will get criticized for that too, but fuck the haters anyway. She'll never be right in their minds anyway, so I say let Hillary be Hillary.

Peter G

So. On to Bogey. Last night for about the fifteenth time I watched his amazing performance in The Caine Mutiny. Anyone who has seen this movie will remember the final courtroom scene wherein the defense attorney, Barney Greenwald, played by Jose Ferrer punches Captain Queeg's buttons in a way calculated to expose the Captain's mental illness and paranoia. And Bogey delivered a truly riveting and convincing portrayal.

Why would this spring to mind now sparked by a casual Bogey reference? Because I expect, based on the Clinton's debate prep as outlined in PM's accompanying link, for a similar scenario to play out in real time before a vast American and international audience. It might be wise for those making preparations for this first debate to have a dart gun equipped with some elephant tranquilizer conveniently available.

Peter G

I wish I could find a complete clip of that final courtroom scene but here's a taste:

The Dark Avenger

My own favorite Bogie movie is Casablanca, where his character gradually realizes he's a better man than he thinks he is when the movie starts out.

It's all the more amazing when you read about the production and initial casting choices, this was a movie made with the proverbial chewing gum and bailing wire.

Peter G

A classic to be sure although I am more a fan of his noir films. Bogey as an actor gives hope to such as I. He was a man with a face fit for politics who nevertheless got to be a movie star on the pure strength of his acting skills. You do not have to be pretty to be the coolest sob on the screen.

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