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August 29, 2016


As if it wasn't enough that the people who hate the woman who employs her must drag her into their muck every chance they get. She has to have a husband who publicly humiliates her with his juvenile behavior. As painful as divorce and breakups can be, I'm sure she's better off without him. Too bad she can't get rid of the haters of her boss as easily.

The NYTimes is already quick out of the gate with some Grade A, grass-fed, humanely raised false equivalence, saying the Clinton campaign is in a bind because they've been talking shit about Steve Bannon. But if he's fair game, Weiner is too.

Because recently-hired Campaign CEO with notorious, public, even ostentatious background in promoting white nationalism is exactly the same as the cheating husband of a campaign aide, who himself has no role whatsoever in said campaign other than being married to said aide.

Un.freaking.believable. And I've conditioned myself over the years to believe the media would find false equivalence in just about anything. But this is a herculean effort in dipshittery even for them.

My sympathy does not quite extend as far as to include Weiner himself. He very clearly does have some sort of mental health issue. But he must surely know this. It will have been explained to him. And he must have known the consequences to his wife and family if he failed to resist his urges and seek treatment. I do hope he gets help. He desperately needs it.

"But this is a herculean effort in dipshittery even for them."

It certainly is. Sadly, I don't see the mainstream media (or some on the far Left, for that matter) letting go of the false equivalence/"both parties are the same" bottle in the near future; they've been drinking from it for over 20+ years and they're addicted with no hope of going dry.

He's got an addiction. It's probably like alcoholism where one is in a constant state of recovery (or not). Indeed on "they're addicted with no hope of going dry" to boot. Ms. Abedin put up with an awful lot. And f**k Trump.

I know some very pleasant and functional alcoholics who are friends or relatives. Some are dry and some not. The ones who drive while drunk and imperil the lives of others stop being my friends at all. The only reason I offer this analogy is that mental illness that does not impair the ability to discern right from wrong carries with it a burden of responsibility. There's little chance that Weiner's proclivities would actually harm anyone physically. All they did was destroy his own family.

I'm probably not thinking all that clearly about this. Mostly because he included his infant child in his picture. That makes me very very angry. That image is going to haunt his child. It will never go away. The last time a politician pissed me off to this degree his name was John Edwards.

Few things are as annoying as receiving unsolicited dick pics. I don't know if the women he sent them to consented or not, and I really don't care. From what I can tell, his mental disorder or addiction is being another sex starved man who doesn't know how to keep it in his pants. Even if he isn't actually using it.

At this point, he has lost his career, his marriage, and probably will soon lose his son beyond visitation rights. Given all that he has thrown away doing this, I'm willing to consider the possibility that some sort of addictive or compulsive disorder is behind it.

I usually roll my eyes so hard I give myself a headache when rich and/or powerful men get caught with their zippers open and then tearfully confess to having an addiction or some such BS (looking at you, Tiger Woods).

My stock response to those spectacles is: "No, asshole, you became so high on the smell of your own farts that you thought your actions no longer had consequences. There's nothing "wrong" with you except that you're an entitled piece of shit who got caught."

I certainly thought that was Weiner's MO at first. Maybe it still is and he's just monumentally stupid to go along with monumentally selfish. But I'm at least willing to entertain a different theory now, seeing all he's cost himself with this demented behavior. But he still brought this on himself by failing to resist the urges or failing to seek appropriate help.

Based on the evidence of Weiner's mental illness/obsession, as to Trump's tweet, I think Weiner could have possession of the nation's deepest secrets and the only thing to find its way to the Internet would be more dick pics. It's bad enough that Huma has to be responsible for her spouse, but Hillary is supposed to be responsible for Huma's spouse too.

And here's the thing, if Weiner was having a standard issue cheating on his wife affair, or maybe drunk in a strip joint with his pants zipped up, I suspect it would get less publicity -- the weirdness factor of his behavior and the breathtaking degree of self destructiveness with so much to lose -- guess that makes it must see news -- but count me out I don't want to watch.

Could someone please review the potential for enhanced economic productivity from infrastructure improvements, bending the cost curve in health care -- anything of actual substance that merges possible action with some sense of hope for future. 71 days now -- I can't watch Trump with the sound on -- or even off -- my revulsion is approaching the revulsion of Weiner's dick pics.

I was commenting on the nature of addiction. Well he's sick in some way; look at all he has thrown away.

Believe me, in my middle age I have concluded there are a lot worse things in life than a sweet drunk.

Not mad at you Max. Sorry if that came across. I'm just pissed.

On the every cloud has a silver lining score Trump is not the only asshole trying to capitalize on Huma's misfortune. Rush had much to say on the subject and is said to have won the Internet for a comment I will not quote. Between them Rush and Trump cannot count the number of ex wives who've told them women love being blamed for their husbands failings. Women just generally seem to appreciate this. Good thing they can't vote though right?

Both things can be true at the same time....

Understood and did not mean to imply otherwise.

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