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August 29, 2016


I guess that's progress of a sort. They send out mendacious crap but at least they abhor themselves for doing it.

With reporting like this, is it any wonder why she hasn't given any press conferences? Not that she needs to. That is just the outsized sense of entitlement the people who hate her have. They hate her and yet also feel as though she she somehow owes them an explanation for every little thing she does and her personal life can't be investigated enough. Why should she give any press conferences? So that the people who hate her can still call her a liar and continue the false narrative of her untrustworthiness? Do we really have to go through the twenty-five years of history of bs accusations against her only to have them come to nothing? The haters will never believe it anyway calling her "above the law". How far above the law does she have to be to get away with every little petty, vindictive and vague charge leveled against her? The real scandal is that even the people marching her into one bullshit hearing after another know she didn't do anything illegal but haul her in they must anyway. They need to keep feeding their ravenous voters fresh helpings of Hillary red meat so they can continue getting elected and making sure government stays the problem.

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