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September 30, 2016


Anne J

That he has zero self control should be seen as a given by now. With every new hissy fit, with every new episode of bullying private citizen with no more political power than their single vote,h e seems to get more unhinged, and plunges to new depths of nastiness. But nastiness aside, I prefer to question his actual words themselves. If Hillary Clinton is so crooked, how was she so easily duped?

Peter G

I wonder if Trump's campaign staff has considered the simple expedient of keeping Trump in a Faraday cage?


My Republican family, good Christians all, are now going to have to bite the bullet and check out a porn tape. I can just picture them all gathering around the computer and searching, searching ... We no longer speak of political matters but this will be hard to resist.


Do we need a President who is up at 3AM watching sex tapes rather than preparing for debates & Presidency?!

Also, wouldn't he be better off watching his WIFE'S sex tapes?

Anne Dillon

I do not find Donald Trump amusing!

The Dark Avenger

It won't work against an avatar of the Great Old Ones:


Devourer in the Mist

A grey festering blob of infinite malevolence, described as the lesser brother of Tsathoggua or spawn of Cthulhu, born from his bile and tears. DM7

Peter G

Hmm. There's that of course.

Shaw Kenawe

I agree with Anne Dillon. We are not amused!

Peter G

If Alicia Machado is so evil how did Trump wind up making her Miss Universe? I guess she sure fooled him!

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