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September 01, 2016


First time ever that I watched every word of a Trump speech. It was frightening. Complete sentences, cleverly buried concessions to reality, promises of retribution, assaults on the free press, endless swaggering mendacity. He definitely reminded me of someone. There is your Republican nominee, Il Douchebag.

I figured this was going to go one of two ways. He was going to try to slip in some things his tribe was not going to like and elicit some groans or he was going to go full bore for his core supporters. Full Bannon as it were. It was definitely the latter. And as I said frightening. I don't scare easy so I imagine it will have had the same effect on millions of others.and if this shit doesn't get them out to vote for Clinton they will get what they deserve.

Even so, as the heading to an article in The Spectator (not just the world's oldest political weekly but the best!) puts it:

"Don't underestimate the power of Hillary hate".

One paragraph says this:

"The trouble is, Americans don’t love Clinton. The feeling they have for her tends more towards hate, actually. Clinton’s ‘favourability ratings’ are famously bad. Between 30 and 40 per cent of Americans say they have a ‘highly unfavourable’ opinion of her. To give you a sense of how woeful that is for an aspiring leader of the free world, Barry Goldwater (the Republican candidate in 1968) and George McGovern (the Democrat in 1972), who are usually cited as the most disastrous presidential nominees of all time, scored 20 and 26 per cent respectively. If she wins on 8 November, Clinton will be the most disliked president-elect ever. And that is a small ‘if’, thanks to the epic anti-popularity of Trump (he scores a whopping 44 per cent on the unfavourableometer) and the self-destructing beast that is the Republican party in 2016."

I'm counting on it myself. There aren't enough adherents of Hillary hate of the right color and gender to overcome the other hatreds such people bring with them. Nothing quite stimulates electoral turnout like seeing such festivals of ignorance as occurred last night.

A question occurs to me that perhaps you might like to take a crack at answering. If Mexicans are now really swell people chock full of noble qualities as the Donald now tells us, why exactly are they expected to build a wall for America?

Barry Goldwater was the republican candidate in 1964. Not 1968, but you have always deliberately gotten history wrong. Sad that you get history from less than fifty years ago wrong too. Hillary Hate is a big business that goes back at least twenty five years. She's untrustworthy, because people who already hate her anyway choose not to trust her and make a conscious choice to believe every allegation against her. It validates their hatred which is almost never grounded in anything legitimate. They don't bother to ask themselves the real reason why she is never arrested, tried or convicted for wrongdoing. Twenty-five years of sham investigations, coming up empty every time, how can anyone be that far above the law? Nobody is. The people who cook up these phony scandals are either incompetent, or even they know she didn't do anything wrong and they can't rise above their vindictiveness. If you want to find what the real Hillary scandal is, don't look in her direction. Look to your right.

I don't know what was more frightening than that billowing of malignant smoke coming out of the human brush fire last night. The hate filled speech itself, or the way it was portrayed in the media afterward with their commentary of "tightening polls" and but.. but.. Hillary's emails, Clinton Foundation pay for play". And I'm not just talking about right wingers. It was the so called neutral ones. They still think that whatever it is she may have done, it is somehow comparable from all of his obvious hatred, bigotry, and serial lying. And he was lying to his drooling fanboys last night. There will be no wall, it's not even feasible. Even former Texas governor Rick Perry knows it's a fantasy and certainly not a good idea in the Rio Grande part of the border. Of course when people talk of illegal immigration, they only mean the Mexicans. Never any acknowledgement of the people who fly here from abroad and simply overstay their visas. But then again, those are most of the people Trump hires and then stiffs on their already meager wages.

I don't think that it is about what e-mails sent or received by Clinton that matter. Else some journalist might have been tempted to actually quote one to their advantage. The content is irrelevant. Clinton stands accused of having sent AND received e-mails. Guilty as charged. She did. That almost everyone at a Trump rally will have also committed this horrible crime will not occur to them at all. It is not supposed to.

And...horror of horrors! She deleted some of them too! Just like anyone else who has ever had an email account. Only in the media and right wing fevered dreams is a Clinton deleting an email grounds for being put in front of a firing squad. A real, literal firing squad.

Just a thought. Would a MALE candidate for President ever be subjected to the kind of e-mail scrutiny that Clinton has to routinely endure?

Of course, that deleted email laid out the whole conspiracy (just like to/movies). If only the Russians could recover it for us. How much are paying those guys, anyway, and is it cash, or favors?

The obvious answer is yes. If they were also named Clinton.

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