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September 29, 2016


At best a 3 with zero personality. If he didn't give off the illusion of great wealth and wasn't on TV, he'd be just another fat loud-mouthed slob who calls all women lesbians because they don't want him.

I couldn't agree with you more, Anne. I can only guess that Malania must have been attracted to his alleged wealth, and the wealth's implied power, or that he's actually a nice man in private?!? Because there is otherwise absolutely nothing attractive about this man. And it is therefore completely laughable that he criticizes how women look. All part of the desperate bullying tactics that he employs to intimidate any and all.

OMG. Hysterical. Can't wait for my hard copy. I'm a gonna frame it.

This is so great.

I'm a bantam rooster who has taken to hitching his pants so high my nipples get belt burn when I shake my fist at the kids on my lawn. When my arthritis flares I whimper like a baby and feel older than dirt. I don't have any money. I am not a man of any distinction at all.

But I've been told that given the New Yorker scale that labels Trump a three, I'm at least a six and probably a seven!

(Okay, I'll admit that I was told this by my wife but she is honest, long suffering and suffers zero illusions about my place on the attractiveness scale. You can trust her. A six! At least!)

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