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October 28, 2016


He doesn't need to rely on millions of dollars from big donor special interests, when he's got millions of small donor marks each sending him a couple hundred bucks believing in his promise to"lock her up!". If suckers weren't born every minute, he wouldn't have a dime to his name.

Check on Friday? No. But I wouldn't be surprised by an IPO offering shares in Campaign Trump. You too can own shares in history! Better hurry though because the best before date looms.

The FBI, led by the man with one eye and who wears a patch over it, are re-opening the e-mail case against 'HillBilly'. Is this the 'GOTCHA' moment? With Comey tapping his way through it with his white walking stick, I doubt it. Still, a man may dream, may he not?

Was that wire transfer by any chance a loan to his campaign?

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