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October 31, 2016


No kidding E.J.? It would be a scandal? You mean the possibility exists that someone like this, rose through the ranks of the FBI to the rank of assistant deputy director?

I thought I'd add a few remarks on organizational behavior that have been evident since the first political party was formed somewhere in the deeps of time. Some may remember that years ago a controversy developed in the American armed forces. That revolved around the fact that career advancement of officers hinged on the evaluations of their performance by their superiors. And many of those senior officers were using their positions to force their own particular religious orthodoxies on the officers below them. (This is why you can't have prayer in schools and why I generally dislike people who wear their religion on their sleeves.)

The same things happen everywhere and in every organization from the PTA to local chapters of the SPCA. Those is authority select like minded individuals for promotion. Does it surprise me that the FBI would find itself selecting for promotion people of the same ideological bent and goals? Not even the tiniest bit and I'm frankly surprised Dionne would find it unusual or shocking. It has been ever thus.

Here's the thing though. It always blows up in their collective faces, by whom I mean the ideologically motivated. They can't help overreaching and they wind up bringing disgrace on whatever institution they choose as their tool for their political ambitions. Sometimes it takes awhile but there's always a Kaboom! I'm guessing that the FBI is about due for a witchhunt of witch hunters.

Like when parents give in every time their little brat throws a temper tantrum to get what they want. Maybe should all be sent to Guantanamo for an extended time out.

It's going to be okay Anne. Consider this quote from E.J.: "Especially disturbing is that some of those critics are inside the FBI. As The Post’s Sari Horwitz reported on Saturday, "a largely conservative investigative corps" in the bureau was "complaining privately that Comey should have tried harder to make a case" against Clinton."

I predicted below that journalists are going to start looking for things. This is an example. Sari had a source and I know generically who that source is. You don't get a largely conservative investigative corps without selecting them and without excluding people who don't seem like they should be members of the club. And those people, the excluded ones, have been known to carry a grudge. You probably remember the name Mark Felt, the most fabulous whistle blower of all time, better known, of course, as Deep Throat. He did everything he did because he was passed over for promotion.

I strongly suspect that Comey just lit a fuse he's going to wish he hadn't. He will have done us all a favor if he incidentally and accidentally exposes the witch hunters mentioned above.

All the more reason the GOP has to be destroyed this election.

Thank you. For my thoughts on what the true scandal is, you can read my comment from yesterday's post.

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