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October 31, 2016


I just want sanity to prevail.

I just want Florida to side with Hillary by 52 percent, and Rubio out of a job he never shows up for anyway.

I just want 40 to 47 states to just deny Trump and the Republicans ANYTHING in the way of a silver lining. I want this year to be the biggest blowout since 1984. I want both houses of Congress flipping to the Dems with 2/3rds majority so they can amend the Constitution to stop the damn wingnuts from their constant lying and disruption of needed social services and... Gods help us, EVERYTHING...

I want this.

And I know this is still going down to the wire and we're still risking the slight possibility of Trump winning on Nov. 8th and GODS HELP US IF HE DOES...

Josh Marshall has a post up that it might not be totally crazy. Well, that it's likely being done out of stupidity, but that there's a sound reason to do it - basically, he needs to flip a blue state to win.

Amen. I want sanity, and I want GOP and Trump to have their asses kicked into oblivion.

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