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October 29, 2016


I think Canada might want to build a wall.

It doesn't help that the virtuous Jason Chaffetz was bragging just the day before and to no one's surprise, that they will bog her down in investigations the next four years. So what's the real scandal here? someone should start investigating the investigators if they are truly interested in uncovering a crime.

Farce you think? That's probably defensible although most of that genre is intended to be funny. Let's compromise on bad farce. Maybe with a touch of theater of the absurd. That Comey chose to put his personal reputation before all other considerations is perhaps not surprising. But what he incidentally disclosed is that he does not know what he is doing. I have sad news for him. Copies of e-mails reside in every device from which they are sent and received and uncounted devices and servers in between. And if it is intention to investigate anew every instance where a device recorded these e-mails as if they were previously unknown then he could write advisory letters to congress for the rest of his career. It might be helpful to have a director of the FBI who understood what he was investigating.

Nevertheless I like to look at the bright side even of stupidity. And what I'm seeing is rats climbing onto a sinking ship. (See Paul Ryan) The wisdom of this is debatable considering that Trump apparently still has a phone and remains Trump. Let us wait and see if that is all there is.

Nothing is more unfunny than a bad comedy.

Perhaps 'The Donald' could offer them some advice. I gather he's frightfully keen on wall-building!

And this thought from Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker has me dribbling with anticipation. He reminds us that Weiner is under investigation for sex offences against a minor and it was this that exposed whatever it is that links him, perhaps via his wife, to 'HillBilly'. The penalties for sex offences against a minor in America are, I guess, draconian and however long he gets in 'the slammer' he is likely to face exceedingly rough treatment from the other cons. Offers of mitigation to him are likely to have him singing like a canary! As Mr. Lifson puts it with considerable wit:

"Aside from his genitals, I don’t think Weiner has a reputation as a stand-up guy."

He certainly doesn't have much of a reputation. As a serial philanderer he is on a par with Trump himself, and his surrogates Giuliani and Gingrich. Mostly though he was just playing with his own junk. If it can be established that he knew one of his remote paramours was under age he will indeed be in some trouble. I pray Trump will do what I'm guessing you anticipate with such fervor and that is try and blame Hillary Clinton not only for her husbands peccadilloes but those of other people's husbands. Proceed. Woman love that shit.

. Mind you I wouldn't crow too much against about your domestic political situation given that Trump's defense witness against one of Trump's assault victims was a self declared pimp of underage boys to British politicians for their sex parties. Quite the sausage fests you seem to have going on there.

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