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October 31, 2016


Comey was deeply involved in the Senate Whitewater investigation back in the 1990s. Though Obama appointed him FBI director, I don't think it's wise to discount the possibility that he's been a Psycho Clinton Hater all along, and that that explains his flouting of DOJ, FBI, and prosecutorial ethics in July and on Friday. The man might well be the sort who would sell his children into slavery to keep The She Devil Hillary from soiling his perfect white male paradise.

Sorry but I think all of that comes under the heading of 'a gallant but futile gesture'.

Or perhaps, "a consummation devoutly to be wished".

Or even, perhaps, whistling in the wind!

Like you, I assumed a 'HillBilly' win but now - all bets are off.

There are several things not mentioned that are worth considering: There is a substantial lead by Hillary in the votes already cast across the country in early voting.

This won't help Trump's campaign by much, if any. A scandal won't do the work of a GOTV drive, which is the Achille's Heel of said campaign. Headlines won't help organize people to do the scut work necessary for a drive to be successful.

This may, OTOH, turn out to be useful for Hillary's GOTV drive, as it gives supporters an added incentive to get people out to the polls.

You changed your opinion without considering any of the above, old sport, so your reputation as a failed political prophet will remain unbroken, come November 8.

To which particular prophecy are you referring, DA, and direct quotation would be useful.

"Like you, I assumed a 'HillBilly' win but now - all bets are off."

That is prophecy, albiet one probably more fueled by Merlot than Divine Inspiration.

No, DA, an 'assumption' is not a 'prophecy', and it was "fueled", if that is quite the word, by our distinguished host whose whole-hearted yearnings for a Clinton-socialist (and there's an oxymoron for you!) win he makes clear on a daily basis with enormous vim.

And your assumptions didn't into account the factors I mentioned, nor are they are they dependent on our host's convictions.

Keep plucking that chicken, old sport.

I am delighted to tell you, DA, although whether you will be delighted I'm not sure, that your views are more or less confirmed by Freddie Gray at the frightfully Right-wing Spectator - yes, I know, "The horror, oh, the horror!"

Old J.Edgar would be proud.

I'm going to say that the jury is still out on the Comey effect. The backlash against his actions is enormous and coming from both the left and the right. The FBI certainly managed to make themselves look less than competent in this matter. It's all going to come down to the blatantly obvious matter of getting out the vote. This could help or hinder both sides. What will be fascinating to know post-election is whether or not the methodology of determining who constitutes likely voters is accurate. In this election there is serious doubt those models used to select subjects for polling are accurate. Given that the pool of ideologically sympathetic voters who haven't previously been identified as likely voters greatly favors the Democrats I'd say the October surprise is likely to come in November. The eighth to be exact.

Even if they said they didn't have squat, it won't deter the Hillary Haters. It's never convinced them in the past, I see no reason why now should be any different.

I have to say, old bean, I never read something more contradictory than tha screed:

"The latest twist is the Clintons are not obnoxiously above the law, even if in fact they are. "

Despite the Whitewater investigation, the Benhazi hearings, the e-mail probe.....

You are incorrect that it confirms my views, as my views take reality into consideration, not the RW junk that would have Hillary as a criminal mastermind of some sort.

Better luck next time, Corporal Robin.

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