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October 21, 2016


Peter G

I was wondering if you'd bite the bullet and tune in. I would take issue with one of your adjectives though. Healthiest democracy? It has been ailing for some time. But the genius of its organization is readily apparent. There are lots of healthier democracies in the world just now but few of them were designed to resist stupidity of, say, a governing party trying to shoot their own government in both feet by challenging the full faith and credit of that very government. Hurrah for the separation of powers! Under a parliamentary multi-party system it just might have been possible to form a coalition to do something just that stupid.(See Brexit) Even when it is sick the government of the United States continues to chug along and go from a terrible recession to just about the healthiest economic state of any country on earth. The framers of your Constitution were quite prescient in distancing the institutions of government from public ignorance and making it hard to do stupid things even as it made it hard to do good things. You've got a hell of an immune system.

Anne J

It won't be enough for him to lose the election. I hope no one wants to do business with him or wants to be associated with anything that has his name on it.

Peter G

You're channeling my wife once again. It is her often expressed wish that the Trump brand will be utterly destroyed by Trump himself. To which I can only reply, yeas dear.

The Dark Avenger

It looks like Trump was a pioneer in that trend:

The Trump Brand Is So Toxic That His Company Is Now Planning Hotels Without His Name on Them

He's a petty hustler compared to real men of wealth like Carlos Slim or Warren Buffet. The scales are starting to fall from everyone's eyes, and the process is never pretty.


"[Trump] has single-handedly administered the coup de grâce to this nation's second-oldest political party."

I'll argue that Trump is only the instrument of the GOP's "Basket of Deplorables". He is doing us all a favor by getting the ugly reality of the GOP out into the open where the media and independent voters -- and Republicans in denial -- could no longer ignore it.

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