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October 31, 2016


Thoroughly understandable of course and not without ample precedent. (Seriously! Trump as the candidate of the party of family values?) It makes sense for them to climb back aboard the Good Ship Trump. They cannot see the future and they don't where the captain of this particular Concordia will steer the ship they're on but they saw where they were headed and it was not good.

It is unlikely that this e-mail issue will be resolved before the election for lack of time. If the FBI does so now it will appear to have rushed their investigation. So they won't. But there is plenty of time for some shoe dropping.

Now among your believers in government conspiracy theories there is this underlying assumption that government is formed of a monolithic block of agents and minions dedicated to evil. This is a very popular idea on both the left and the right but this is manifestly untrue. Democratic governments everywhere is formed of people from all across the political spectrum. Comey was right about one thing. That the FBI knew of this trove of e-mails and it was going to leak. It probably had when he wrote his letter and that forced him to swiftly move both hands to cover his butt. It will not be the last leak however. Every reporter with a Rolodex or a PDA is now punching telephone numbers looking for another leak. And they will find it.

What else do you expect from a party that lacks any ability or desire for self reflection?

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