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October 10, 2016


Anne J

I didn't like the way he followed her around and stood behind her when she was speaking like he was ready to hit her. And the sniffling again! Perhaps he should redirect his energy away from former first lady Hillary Clinton and towards former first lady Betty Ford.

Patty S.

Yes, that really struck me as well -- the walking all over the place as Hillary spoke, often standing right behind her. He may be one of those people who mindlessly and routinely infringes on others'personal space or it may have been in fact purposeful behavior last night. Either way I find it typical of Donald. Over-confidence (arrogance) and intimidation seem second nature to him, the archetypal bully. I don't know how Hillary exhibits the self-control that she does. Having said that, I feel she did better in the first debate -- in terms of remaining above the fray . She was incredibly calm, mature, even gracious in the first debate, and still not a doormat. This time I feel the Donald got under her skin just a bit. I'd rather not see that. I prefer the great contrast of immature Donald to gracious, mature Hillary.

Peter G

Alas men can be bribed with false promises. To be restored to an unearned superior position atop gender and race and economic hierarchy is the dream and Trump is their Moses. He could piss in their cornflakes every morning and they would still follow him through the desert. This I can understand even as I find it irrational. What I don't understand at any level is why any women though many fewer would find appeal in Trump. He isn't promising them anything but horror.

Now I found Clinton's strategy artful. It is of a piece with the SNL skit from the night before where fake Hillary was asked if Trump should resign his candidacy. Nooooo, she replied give him a shot. Clinton won the presidency on Friday. Now it is time to concentrate on the House and Senate. And as more than one pundit observed last night Paul Ryan woke up today with more problems than he had on Friday. The Republican's improvised explosive candidate did not go off and now Ryan has to find a way to defuse him.


Probably influenced by ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Man fidgets, can not sit still, can not stay focused on anything.

Peter G

Although Chuck Toad immediately post debate tried to sell the idea that Clinton seemed rattled this was manifestly untrue. She was as cool as a cucumber. For myself I am not convinced the October surprises are over. Cooper went to some effort to get Trump on record declaring that he never actually behaved as he said he did on his infamous tape. Somebody knows something. And if any women does emerge as an accuser then his whole campaign will not be able to attack that person. Except for Trump, who won't be able to resist.

Peter G

You just made my wife laugh loud and long. Did you notice the Trump chair humping? Today it is a Vine.

Anne J

I did catch that. It takes stamina to not get fidgety like that. Your wife has my gratitude!

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