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October 20, 2016


Anne J

And just this morning the loud mouthed governor of Maryland saying he doesn't regret supporting Trump at all, because Hillary Clinton is still just so much worse. As far as I'm concerned, anyone that still supports him is just like him and should be treated with contempt.

Peter G

Braaaains! Seriously, does anyone know where the GOP might find some?


Every single GOPer who does not un-endorse/denounce Trump over last night should burn in hell. His refusal to accept intelligence agencies' determination of Russian meddling (and his refusal to condemn that meddling) and his bullshit refusal to agree to accept the election results *should* be the last straws for any remaining establishment types. Hello, Paul Ryan? Mitch McConnell? Your silence is deafening.


I've been breathing a lot easier since the debates put Hillary in a comfortable lead. It astounds me though that Trump was actually leading in reputable polls. Hillary should have been leading by 15-20 points the entire campaign (and in another time, when there was actual jour alism, she would have been, but I digress). The only question now is how much she will win by. I hope she goes Bill Bellichick on Trump amd keeps campaigning like he's within the margin of error. A 40 state landslide victory is the only thing that will bring on the scenatio PM is talking about. Otherwise, a credible performance by Trump (along the lines of McCain in '08) will just result in more of the same dangerous insanity out of the GOP that we've seen from Trump. The knife must be shoved in deep, and then turned.


Anne J

I hope her victory makes Barry Goldwater's '64 drubbing look like a nail biter by comparison.



The Dark Avenger

"Do you how many of them we go thru just to get a pound of them?"

Patrick O'Connor

The DT's will not accept election results. The senior vainglory of Arizona will block all nominees to SCOTUS. Not much difference here.

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