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November 23, 2016



This makes my head hurt. The prez that we most need to listen carefully to (due to his imbecility, impulsivity, lying ) is the one that I am least likely to listen to. He makes Sarah Palin sound like a genius.

Peter G

Trump is a weather vane. Nominally he is the leader of his party. He most certainly is the decider. The factions within his party and the tensions between them have not disappeared. The weaknesses are still there and it is now Trump's job to mediate between them. And they are all such groups as despise compromise in any form. He hasn't actually promised not to torture has he? But in the election he promised to do exactly that. I'm going to keep a running total of those broken promises. Lookin' a little weak there Donald.

You sir are transfixed by the horror. Many are. It is paralyzing. What can it mean to a historian to know that the name Trump will forever be enshrined in the list of American presidents? A list that includes some of the greatest of human beings. History does not end here however. Now one thing has always been transcendently clear to me, despite the acid Menckian style of your writing informed by a knowledge of history, you love your country. Grieve away. You will get no criticism from me. The horror show has not even begun and there is lots of time to figure out what is to be done. Historian heal thyself in body and spirit.

David & Son of Duff

I do not wish to add to your misery but if in fact Trump proves to be a total disaster how much responsibility is shared by the Democrat party leadership for endorsing a terrible candidate whom even Trump could beat, and the Democrat party supporters, including you, who mounted a vile and insulting campaign that drove hordes of, er, 'irredeemable deplorables' into Trumps arms?

More to the point, and indeed, more to the future, have any of you learned your lesson?

Peter G

Nice to see you ahead of the curve there Duff. You're already trying to figure out how to blame the Democrats for what Trump and the Republicans do. I look forward to your writings on the consequences of Brexit are really the fault of the people who voted against it. You do know that Clinton got more votes than Trump right?

Anne J

For the smug, self important limey shit bag of selective reading comprehension. The electoral college put in office, while her lead in the popular vote is only increasing.

Peter G

Did you notice his argument is the classic wife beater's argument? Look what you made me do!


Gaslighting at its finest.

Marc McKenzie

Kindly go to hell, please.

This is not the fault of the Democrats--it rests on the shoulders of the GOP for getting behind and nominating this clueless sack of pus, as well as 27% of the public who voted for him, the media which coddled him and gave him verbal fellatio, and those idiots who either voted third party or who chose not to vote.

It isn't the Democrats' fault, because they nominated an extremely qualified candidate who still managed to win the popular vote by what is now 2 million votes, but was subjected to slander based on falsehoods--including bullshit that you fell for.

This man is a disaster walking, but I suppose that this is heaven for someone like you who chooses to sit in your smug self-righteous corner.


PM Thank you for the word of day -shambolic. May its usage increase exponentially in the near future.

Anne J

Yes I have noticed that for awhile now that the smug, self important limey shit bag is a big fan of brutalizing women in every way. As for the Democrats running a "terrible candidate", I doubt they put the fix in for her to win the nomination. An honest look at both parties shows neither one had anyone truly qualified for the job and a true public servant. I mean really, did the Democrats have anyone else competitive? Bernie Sanders crashed the party and he and his gang of Bros trashed mostly the female members of the party. And the Republicans? Forget about it. Any time one of them got more attention than president elect Veruca Salt, they turned out to be even worse. Hillary Clinton was only awful because of the baggage dumped on her for thirty years and it was used as a shield for people that wouldn't be honest about why they really hate her so much.

David & Son of Duff

"An honest look at both parties shows neither one had anyone truly qualified for the job and a true public servant."

Forgive me, Ma'am, but this, er, "smug, self important limey shit bag" would like to agree with you!

Anne J

The worthless asshole limey piece of shit still is a big cheerleader of violence in all forms against women. If it were a man, it would need to be castrated.

Marc McKenzie

"If it were a man, it would need to be castrated."

Of course, one would have to find something to castrate--but my guess is that there is nothing there to begin with.


Every time this horrible candidate was in the same room as Trump, she dismantled him. Every time she got a chance to get past the parsers and bullshit generators and score some actual air time, people loved her and she pulled away in the polls.

The Dark Avenger

You're more like a dung beetle, old man; although that lowly anthropoid, unlike you at least has the excuse of doing it for their offspring.

You, OTOH, try to push the latest ball of excrement from NRO(dot).com, American Stinker, etc, and try to pretend it doesn't doesn't smell to high heaven!

The Dark Avenger

Arthropod, not anthropoid.

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