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November 27, 2016


Peter G

I would have preferred that Stein alone led this charge of the lightweight brigade and gave some sort of rationale for her existence but otherwise I concur. If you read widely on the subject of the likelihood of hacking the vote before the election you would know that success in this endeavor is extremely unlikely. So what? Give 'er.

John S

No need to even turn on the television to know Fox News Hannity et al will be whining about liberals failing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency despite overtly denying the legitimacy of Obama for years.

Anne J

He's the one that whined and wailed about the election being rigged.... until he won. We should just reassure the poor dear it's being done for his protection.

David & Son of Duff

I can understand and even sympathise with your sorrows over the election result but isn't it time to stem the bitterness and whilst keeping a beady eye on Trump turn your attention to your own party. Beginning, perhaps, with your opinion on the challenge to Nancy Pelosi as the head of the House Democrats by Tim Ryan who, given his steel town background almost qualifies as an 'Irredeemable Deplorable'.

There-in, it seems to me, lies a pointer to the future of your party.

Peter G

I can think of no one less qualified to offer an opinion on this subject than you.

David & Son of Duff

(Sigh) I wasn't offering an opinion, I was seeking one!

Peter G

Oh you didn't notice you'd offered an opinion in commenting on Ryan's background. I will enlighten you. You did.

Michael C

I would suggest that the greatest benefit of Dr Stein opening the recount investigation could be the blatant need to overhaul the nation-wide, make-shift voting mechanism, the ballot box mechanism itself. In this age of high technology, there has got to be a way to standardize the mechanism with a secure and verifiable system. Perhaps even a system allowing ballots to be certifiably sent in, physically or electronically, like our annual taxes. This sort of system would avail itself to a far greater voter turnout.
Overhauling the voting system, with or without the Electoral College, would be a great stride forward into the future of our Democracy.

lb 22

"In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally"

Shouldn't Trump be supporting a recount then? It would reveal the millions of illegal votes, he would come out ahead in the popular vote and be vindicated.


Trump's watching out for the Clinton supporters. He doesn't want to see their hopes dashed again.

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