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December 27, 2016


David & Son of Duff

So, not only 'irredeemable deplorables' but now 'irrational irredeemable deplorables'.

Don't these morons realise that we in the Democrat party know better than them what's good for them? (Er, not counting the Sanders faction, natch!)

The Dark Avenger

If you can make a case that Trump voters made a rational choice, dear boy, then do so.

What will happen is that as Republican policies put the economy in the shitter, they will blame Democrats back as far as Woodrow Wilson for said performance, and shitgibbons, such as yourself, will agree with them, despite all evidence to the contrary, because that's what shitgibbons do.

Another Matt

David, read through this:

A lot of these voters wanted "change," just not the change the GOP and Trump have been promising. These voters figured they wouldn't actually follow through with any of that.

David & Son of Duff

Sorry, Matt, life is too short for me to plough my way through all of that. Suffice to say, that 'Obamacare' struck me at the time as an A1, bureacratic clusterfuck of the first order and so it has proved as yet more and more insurance companies make for the exit. Still, comfort yourself with the words of 'The Man', "If you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor"!

The Dark Avenger

More people have medical insurance than before Obamacare was enacted dear boy, but trust a conservative shitgibbons such as yourself to go 180 degrees in the wrong direction, as usual.

And as for ploughing through an article, it helps if you don't move your lips when you're reading said article, a trick most American schoolchildren learn by their 12th birthday or so.

Hope that helps!


Political historians call what our Bigots and Billionaires Party has done The Big Lie. It's just brain-washing on an industrial scale. It worked for the Nazis, and the B&BP are nothing if not careful students of Nazi technique. Orwell discussed the subject at length. I don't recall what color Big Brother's hair was, but orange probably would do.


You know nothing about ACA.


Indeed, the Duffer is in the UK. What would he know about the ACA? In particular, the ACA replaced an individual insurance marketplace that basically refused to insure most Americans, meaning that you either had insurance through your employer, you were a twenty-something with no pre-existing health conditions (the only individuals that the pre-ACA insurers would insure), or you didn't have insurance. Having *few* insurers in your marketplace is far preferential to having *no* insurers that will sell you health insurance.

Tom Benjamin

This is the biggest problem is it not? If enough Americans to elect Trump were convinced that 2008-16 were terrible years, America was weak, the economy sucked, Obamacare is a disaster, the Iran deal and Paris Accords were awful agreements, and Putin rocks...

What chance do we have?

Anything bad that happens will be Obama's fault (like Dems didn't blame Bush for the economy in 2009!), or anything that is bad that happens will be redefined as good, and America will be made great again. No matter what.

Truthiness is all that matters.


A decision made on faulty information is not, per se, an irrational decision. It is just a bad decision. Bad decisions have a wonderful way of teaching reality. There was nothing fundamentally different about this election cycle in the sense that voters were willfully misinformed as a matter of course. That's pretty standard in any election anywhere. But now the winners have to deliver and they can't.

Rumsfeld's observation on known knowns and known unknowns is apt here. There are absolutely predictable consequences to certain policies. But there are also unintended and unforseeable consequences to any new policy. Mostly these are bad. The electorate, or enough of them to matter, have decided to sail off into the blue. May I direct your attention to Well we're all scientists now.

Yesterday Chris Hayes tweeted to the effect that he knew all the rational arguments against protectionism but that he was curious to see what would actually happen if a ten percent import tax was imposed. This is actually known. Nixon did it. Then they undid it.

David & Son of Duff

Happy to agree with you, Max, all I gained 'over here' was a somewhat fuzzy impression of a stitched together deal. Now, more and more of the insurers are pulling out leaving millions of Americans in the grip of monopoly insurers - and we all know what that will mean! Only God and Trump, if you can tell the difference, know what will happen during the next four years!


"Ignorance is strength"

Anne J

Thank you for providing the article it was a real eye opener but not that surprising at all. The people of Kentucky are much like the people of Southern California. They think poor people don't deserve health care and don't think the Republicans they just voted for would dare repeal it. Of course the worthless piece of shit limey scum bag proved our Host's point by refusing to take the time to do even a little bit of reading before expressing it's ignorant opinions. I wish it would just die already.


I got to keep mine. And I'd be dead right now without the ACA. But I'm looking forward to "something terrific" after it is repealed.


Unfortunately, the electorate, or enough of them in Michigan and Wisconsin, sailed off into the red...

The Dark Avenger

Obamacare is not in a death spiral. In fact, insurers' prospects in the individual market are looking brighter, according to a new S&P Global Ratings analysis.
Insurers have started closing the kind of eye-popping losses that prompted them to hike premiums for the Obamacare benchmark plans an average of 25% for 2017. S&P expects rate requests for 2018 will be "well below" that level.
"We view 2017 as a one-time pricing correction," the report found.

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