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February 28, 2017


Peter G

Minor journalistic correction, older planes still require a pilot a co-pilot and a flight engineer. Most modern planes no longer require a flight engineer. FYI the flight engineer's principal duty was to monitor various flight systems and to inform the pilots of how fucked they were in the event of major system failure. This function has been automated.

Betty Hoffmann

I'm pretty sure that Trump's entire tenure in the airline industry (1989-92) predated the existence of those more modern planes.


Charles Pierce on Trump voters: "You saddled the rest of us with misrule and disaster. Own it."


It's nice to know we have an automated system to tell us how fucked we are. But that's kind of redundant in this administration, n'est pas?

Peter G

Absolutely! And if they were still flying or had been converted to cargo transport as is often done they'd still need a flight engineer.

Peter G

I'm not sure if you know what the term CFIT means in the context of aviation but it stands for controlled flight into terrain. It's what happens when the aviation systems work but the pilot doesn't. Stand by for further Trump administration examples.


More like "He's a bad acid flashback pretending to be reality."

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