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February 28, 2017


This is what those good, Christian, salt-of-the-earth folks out in Gunnut County voted for when they put their Casino Jesus, Donald J. Fishlips, in the White House.

Emphasis on WHITE House.

Not meaning to be contrarian but had it occurred to you that this is precisely what your modern conservative means by school choice? Back then they chose not to let black students into most colleges. And I'd guess that is a choice a good hunk of Trump's supporters would prefer to have today.

Once upon a time this was called Hobson's choice but a more modern nomenclature might better be Palin's choice in keeping with conservative ideology. That's the choice she was so proud her daughter made in becoming an unwed mother rather than having an abortion. And the same choice Palin wants to deny to everyone else.

Actually Howard was and is a great institution. I know grads, very, very sharp people.

Really, this is soooo perfect, capturing the limits of "school choice"; highlighting Betsy DeVos' profound ignorance; revealing the not-so-hidden agenda of private schools for their version of the right people, the public schools for the unwashed masses.

Same as claiming all those choice seats at the back of the bus.

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