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February 22, 2017


Anne J

Cowards every last one of them. They can quit answering the phones, or not take emails, but they can't stop low tech methods like people going to their offices in person, or good old fashioned snail mail. They're trying to kill us all with their government drowning policies, while still trying to tell us what to do in our personal lives. They need to be reminded that it's"public service" no "Public, serve us!"

Peter G

Your congressman wouldn't happen that be Congressman Brave Sir Robin would it? When danger reared its ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled.


Travis county (Austin, TX), the county in which I reside, has been gerrymandered into FIVE congressional districts, only one of which is represented by a Democrat (Lloyd Dogget). Last week, after numerous attempts to get Roger Williams to show up for a town hall meeting, some in his district went ahead without him, had a cardboard cutout of him at the podium, and then a recording of crickets chirping played over the loudspeaker in response to many questions. These jerks need to get it through their thick skulls that, while they may have been voted into office some in their district, their JOB is to represent ALL of their constituents. Such cowards.

Anne J

Of course the Republican line is that the angry crowds are all liberals being paid to protest. Why would they even think a thing like that? And once again, why are they assigning so much power to the party out of power? And where are the people who voted for them? Why aren't they there to show their support for the guy they elected?


"To what depths of absolute farce can Congress's majority party go?" Well we will find out, won't we? It will be deep. Anyone who holds any faith whatsoever that the party of personal responsibility will ever be a restraint on Der Pumpkinfurer is delusional. Chuck Schumer, this means you, too.


The message will not get though until we come for their sorry asses with tar and feathers. And perhaps not even then.

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