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February 05, 2017



Best wishes. We will be thinking about you.

Peter G

Well I will be damned! Contact isolation? So they do have FEMA camps! It figures they'd come for you first. Don't worry PM. We will wait as patiently as we need for you to get better and effect your escape. In the meantime I know I recorded that number someplace for the Alex Jones grade Foil Chapeau c/w Monster Cable ground strap. Keep your chin up and remember: Wolverines!!!!


No need to apologize, PM - you're doing the best you can! Hang in there, thoughts and prayers your way . . .

rick mcginn

Take care of yourself . My thoughts are with you . Get well soon .

Peter G

Let's see if we can't at least provide a little cheer. If one googles Portland pro-Trump rally one cannot but help but be cheered. Protestations from the Trumpers notwithstanding that dozens attended I counted them. If one includes the old guy in the distance it was about ten.

S Holland

We are right here...going nowhere....all good thoughts are with you!!!!!


Best wishes & prayers for you!

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