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February 24, 2017


At least this guy seems to have some conscious awareness of the slime that he is. I doubt Trump has this degree of self-awareness, but you never know.

He's always made me think more of this guy:

Donald Trump is just another actor in the pony show known as politics. First off I'm not a democract, nor republican, nor liberal. I don't label myself to some silly group to be fed my opinions and beliefs. Anytime one man has the power to write something into a law this is known as a dictator. For some reason in America they call him a president, and his evicts, executive orders, and no one bats an eye. Obama, Bush, Trump, Clinton, ect. It does not matter who the president is; you get the same results. There's a reason it's the exact same families over and over again, you don't even have a vote in who's really elected. They say the best slaves are the ones that think they are free... and that couldn't be more true about America.. where you can get murdered for fishing by someone in a costume for not buying a license and then that person in a costume is called a hero.

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