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February 24, 2017


Peter G

The bare outlines of the plan are starting to leak. Everyone will be required to attend a re-ducation camp. I mean a branch of the hyper expanded Trump University. Here they will all learn to be millionaires and will thereafter be able to afford insurance.

Marc McKenzie

Methinks Ol' Yellow Stain may be in for a surprise:

The GOP is fast realizing that in their crazed attempt to destroy the healthcare reform that the Black Man with the funny name signed into law, they are pissing off a LOT of people--including many of their constituents who are letting them know in very harsh terms that no, the GOP had better keep their mitts of Obamacare/ACA.

So go ahead, guys--just try to do it. But be prepared for massive public outrage that will result in bloodbaths this election season and in 2018.

Anne J

I suppose screaming constituents and Democrats being out of power is making all the Republicans more reluctant these days. Easy to repeal it 900 times knowing that the Democratic president would once again save them from themselves by vetoing every time. They haven't even tried it once since they "won" control of both the legislative and executive branch. The bright side of political cowardice.

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