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February 27, 2017


Patty S.

Help us out, PM. Aren't you then making a case for the uselessness of what you and other commentators do? Where then do we go from here? How can we then, as we read, "muster" historical perspective? I'd love to see you write an additional, totally separate blog site for that very purpose -- to educate. Educate us all, from the very informed and educated person to the not so informed and educated. Or perhaps just focus on the latter. After all, you would need to focus your writing --your time and effort. I think this effort is needed and you are obviously qualified and capable (not that you don't already do some of this, of course). Call me crazy but I'd sure love to see more of it and on a level that more average people could understand. And I'd be reading it and benefiting from it. But more importantly, maybe some more moderate Trump supporters could learn from it.

Anne J

Pulling intellectual tranquility from emotional panic is the reason I've been coming to this site since the early Bush the Lesser years.

Peter G

As is often the case when PM writes a longer piece his digressions are often every bit as interesting as the main body. They resonate. Once upon a time two roads diverged in my last year of high school. I had two loves, literature, specifically English literature and Science. I was seriously considering pursuing a degree in English literature and literary criticism. It was that or physics or engineering.

I was saved from hell by an English teacher who possessed advanced degrees in that very subject. Silly me, up until that time I had been fed, by the same teacher, books by guys like Bloom and a lot of Northrop Frye under whom she had studied. And here I had thought that literary criticism was grounded in a profound degree of scholarship in which an analysis of a given work was properly based on relating it to historical and social context. A context based on thousands of years of history too. The book she last handed me was on deconstructionism and literary criticism. Better read this first she said. Gobbledygook does not do this justice. The idea of spending a career generating such crap made me shiver. and not in a good Republican leg way shiver way.

Anne J

I enjoy your comments for the same reason I enjoy coming to this site in the first place: for intellectual tranquility from emotional panic.


That would be a worthwhile goal, but pardon me for thinking that the time is not yet ripe for that. Despite the damage Trump and the Republicans will do, those who didn't vote for Clinton will not be receptive to education until failure affects them personally, and even then, not all of them.

What chance does education have in a country which largely thinks with its gut rather than its head, and in which there is an endless media megaphone dedicated to that proposition?

For the most part, we must be patient (and even enjoy) the spectacle of Republican attempts to govern. They will find it an order of magnitude more difficult than obstruction. Only when it becomes apparent to the good "Volk" of this country that they cannot govern, will education of the head have a chance.

Patience. Until then, let us in the majority keep our eye on ball. It may even be that people will tire of the type of "entertainment" Trump provides. After all, after one month, his act is getting kind of old. And if he perceives that people no longer pay as much attention to him, I don't think that the World's Largest Ego could handle that.


You had a narrow escape. I wonder which one of Dante's "Circle's of Hell" you would have ended up in?

Peter G

I hate to rain on the educational parade but long experience has taught me this it is a pointless endeavor unless the student doubts and is looking to resolve those doubts. This is not a behavior unique to the right. The left has plenty of people who don't understand basic technology or economics or law. And they aren't anymore interested in learning than their opponents on the right.

On the other hand this is a fine place to clarify your thoughts and that's why I come.

Anne J

Education is pointless if someone goes into the voting booth with a closed mind or a vindictive heart.


Re: My comment earlier today about enjoying GOP dysfunction:

"Paul's bill so far has no Senate co-sponsors, a reflection of the obstacles Republicans face getting its moderates and conservatives on the same page in the repeal debate."

Anne J

Am I the only one who noticed that when Obama was in office Republicans repealed ACA like 987 times, but since Trump's been in office, they haven't even tried once?


I was watching Rep. Schiff's calm, thoughtful interview at a press conference today and thought of Obama. I can't even imagine anyone on the Rep. side being able to pull that off, especially our president. No bombast, no hyperbole - just quiet intelligence. I hope he stays out front as a face of the Dem party. Such a contrast. Even the dimmest of bulbs can see the difference, though they may not want to admit it.

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