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March 17, 2017


Peter G

Now that is some Krauthammerian logic. The Republican plan whether it consists of pronging their supporters once or thrice fails in the Senate? Okay. So after much debate in which it is made abundantly clear just how bad they were about to be pronged by the Republicans, the prongees will turn their righteous anger on the people working to stop them from being pronged up the fundament? Myself I detect a small difference in the situation. Where before they had only to attack Obamacare and claim they had a superior solution now they will have to defend a dunghill whose only diamond is a reallocation of tax funds to the wealthy. At the same time about half the Republican caucus and their well funded think tanks will be vociferously demanding that these poor elderly or seriously health afflicted citizens do the right thing and drop dead.

Proceed governor(s), as a wise president once said.

Peter G

I meant to add, it also takes a village to have a My Lai. No conscience required.


Waiting for sociopaths to get a conscience will be a long wait indeed.

Instead, I dismiss Krauthammer's plan as follows: Too much work. Republicans could never stay focused long enough to make this charade politically effective, and there is *work* to be done in lowering tax rates for millionaires (not to mention billionaires). Forward ho!

Anne J

And it takes a lot of angry villagers to run these sociopaths out on a rail.

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