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March 16, 2017



Chris is my Senator, and is the real deal. I met him recently at the Nowalk Mayor's Ball, a yearly fund raiser. I suggested he run and pick Senator Sherrod Brown as his running mate. Two great progressives with a very catchy bumper sticker: Murphy - Brown all the way. His response was "who in their right mind would want to be President". Let's hope he changes his mind .

John S

Chris Murphy is great, ideal for actual governing, but still from of the Acela corridor, a younger (which is a positive step)white man. Mind you I'm an older over educated white man living in the Acela corridor. Please note Trump is the first President from the Eastern Time Zone since Carter and the first from the Northeast since Kennedy. Even George HW repackaged himself as being from Texas.

Amy Klobuchar 2020, right time zone, right gender. Not only is it time but people are going to feel differently about a woman President by 2020 - like 'what a good idea' different after four years of pussy grabber in chief and his chicken***t GOP enabler white men with an occasional older white woman enabler. All over Minnesota Klobuchar's people are having meetings gathering input from rural Minnesotans for the next farm bill -- BTW there's already a recession in farm country -- out there in those states in the upper Midwest it's time to have someone who says she understands and can say so truthfully. I realize truth is out of fashion right now, but I'm predicting a major comeback by the time the Trump catastrophe has passed -- assuming we still have a country.


I don't know - I love these suggestions, but I think we are a nation that only responds to "cult of personality" - I think Obama had the rare combination of star qualities and ability/desire for public service.

I hope I'm wrong because I'd love to see someone dedicated and competent be able to win the White House.

David & Son of Duff

Hurrah! At last, after months of ranting and raving, weeping and wailing, all of it mostly 'boring-snoring', we have a practical suggestion for the future. Never heard of Senator Murphy and his policy points depress me but I will follow his progress with interest.


Grow up. Fuck off.


Points taken but I'm more optimistic. If a decade ago we could manage the one-two punch of taking both houses and then the White House, we can do so again. People just need to face up to the work.

David & Son of Duff

Thank you, Max, that was a very, er, 'grown up' response!

The Dark Avenger

You certainly set an example for maturity, WLPOC.


Grow up. Fuck off.

Neon Vincent

"his policy points depress me" -- thanks for the encouragement.

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