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March 17, 2017



I will borrow a statement by Thomas Brackett Reed, a representative from Maine in the late 1800's. It fits Trump so well:

'Trump has never opened his mouth without diminishing the sum of human knowledge.'


You forgot one thing, the "secret sauce", if you will, that will make the plan, albeit Obama's, work.

He has uttered the magic 3-word phrase: radical Islamic terrorism.


Why do you hate America?


He knows more than the generals, believe him!

Marc McKenzie

To paraphrase a quote from a Stephen King story: Trump's "plan" and the stuff that comes out of my @$$hole have a very curious resemblance to each other.

Neon Vincent

I'd say that if Trump ever had an intestinal blockage, he'd run out of material if he didn't have so many people willing to lend him the products of their bowels.

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