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April 01, 2017


PM makes reference to "earth shattering consequences," which is what I increasingly fear. Such "ineptitude and madness" are surely a universal danger. Furthermore, PM's recent enlightening thoughts on bipartisan cooperation are beginning to convince me that he is correct in warning that Democrats should not cooperate on any level with the Republicans, that to do so further aids the higher level and longer term damage that our country could face.

As Frasier would have said, what fresh hell awaits? Will it be simple stupidity. Malicious knavery? A display of raw ignorance embarrassing to even witness? The spectrum of possibilities is ...breathtaking? No that's not the word. Nauseating! That's it. Le mot juste.

"A mere 10 or 11 weeks — all of which seems like an endless eon."

The silver lining? Wasn't it Clevinger in Catch-22 who actively tried to make himself miserable so the remainder of his sure-to-be-short life would seem to last longer? If the next four years is going to feel like forty, my adjusted age in 2020 will be 110! And I won't feel a day over 70!

If Trump manages to win a second term (I know, I know) it will be almost like I am immortal! Who says Trump is good for nothing? Clevinger would be giving away red hats at campaign rallies.

My fortune cookie says: "Look forward to leader of free world use chopsticks."

And all of this without mentioning the Russian investigation.

Dorothy Parker, if memory serves.

By the way, as fascinating as waiting for the millipede's other shoes to drop this isn't the only show in town. Maybe not even the most fascinating currently. Now that the clock is ticking on Brexit that divorce is looking messier by the minute. Apparently it is already being distracted by what should be side issues like Gibraltar. The people there voted almost unanimously to stay British. And also overwhelmingly to stay part of the EU. You can understand why the EU was important to them. Of the approximately thirty thousand who live there, ten thousand work in Spain. They don't want to have a border they must have permission to cross. But the Brits don't want those damn foreigners to have the same rights to enter and work in GB they expect to exercise in Gibraltar.

Hell they can't even agree on what or how to negotiate. And damn near everyone has a veto. Internally the Labor party is demanding essentially the deal be that nothing really changes while UKIP demands the opposite. And May has two years to negotiate a difficult divorce and the a free trade deal with the EU. It took seven years for Canada to achieve a relatively minor FTA with the EU. This isn't going to be an amicable divorce I think.

It wasn't Clevinger. It was Dunbar.

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