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April 05, 2017


I probably do not need to tell anyone here this but I will anyway. If any American wanted to unite the world, friend and foe, in gales of laughter they need only publicly refer to your president as the leader of the free world.

I often wondered what happened to that famous 'red line' that was painted so bravely(!) but in the meantime can anyone tell me of any perceptual differences between President Sisi and Ali Khamenei?

You mustn't have been paying attention. President Obama sought congressional approval to take action against the Assad regime as the Republicans argued he was obligated to do. And then they denied him that authorization. Everybody who isn't an idiot knows this. You might have been in an Alex Jones induced coma at the time so you don't have to wonder about that red line anymore.

Any news about the war with Spain?

Peter, which do you think is worse, stupudity or willful ignorance? It's "people" like the worthless limey piece of shit, no matter what country they're from that are the reason I believe we have such cold, heartless dunce sitting in the highest seat of power. These things don't happen by accident.

About your last question, there's not much actual difference never mind perceptual the only difference being Trump thinks one murderous dictator is swell but the other isn't.

You wonder? Well, smart guy, just go look back at what happened in 2013 and 2014 when then President Obama went to Congress to ask for authorization to take military action...and the majority GOP Congress told him, "Up yours, n***er."

Oh, and your man-crush Trump? Go check his tweets from back then, when he furiously declared that no, we should not intervene in Syria, and that President Obama should not entertain that thought, because Syria wasn't our problem.

Of course, being cut from the same cloth as Trump and company, you must always blame the Black Guy or the Woman. So...I don't expect you to actually look up any of these facts that show that your attempt to do so is pretty goddamned pathetic.

As a certain Mr. Tucker would say, "F**kitty-bye".

According to the NYT: "Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton launched strikes against Libya, Afghanistan and Kosovo without asking permission."

And according to their version of events (and who here would argue with the NYT?), Obama emulated the grand old duke of York:

"Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men,
He marched them up to the top of the hill
And he marched them down again."

"White House officials indicated that Mr. Obama might still authorize force even if Congress rejected it. As Syrian forces braced for attack, the president’s decision effectively put it off for more than a week, since Congress is not due back in Washington until Sept. 9. Mr. Obama did not push for Congress to come back sooner, and House leaders opted to keep to their schedule."

That's called 'the smack of firm government-NOT'! Mind you, I think he was more right than wrong in chickening out.

Marc, he is not now and never has been "my man-crush Trump". Not that mere facts would ever be permitted to interrupt your, er, 'stream of consciousness'!

They sure did. But the facts I laid out are true. The Republicans insisted the president ask their permission to act against Assad and then they denied him permission and since then the right wing has been attacking Obama for not doing what they denied him permission to do. They kept their schedule and said no. The only chickens here are the ones that have come home to roost.

Smart people at the time knew that Putin could not be associated with a dictator who used weapons of mass destruction against his own people. They were ostensibly destroyed with Russian help. But I guess they saved some. And now that Trump is president they they are free to use them. Who is the coward here? Jesus, even the Brits aren't making excuses for the mass murder of civilians. But Trump is.

So dispute the facts. Did or did not the Republicans vote against authorizing the president to use force against Assad? They did vote against it. So who isn't letting facts interfere with their stupidity? Find a mirror and take a good hard look.

You opined some days ago that Trump's Presidency would be more successful than that of Barry Obama. Are there any recent developments that would lend credence to this hypothesis?

Just askin'!

Embarrassed? Yes, but I choose to view it as an example of American exceptionalism.

With Trump, we're not exceptional, we're "special".

You might enjoy this. I watched it last night:

You are always at your weakest, Peter, when you reach for the insults. This from another NYT report:

"Although Mr. Obama said as a candidate that a president has no power to launch a military attack except to stop “an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” he acted unilaterally in Libya in 2011 and had no plans to act differently in Syria this time. But he found it much harder to proceed alone, given the British vote and polls showing that the vast majority of Americans want Congress to decide."

So, either a) he chickened out, or b) he had a sudden attack of shrewdness, either way, the Duke of York would have been proud of him. And he even gets a cheer from me - I know, I know, dread news!

IN other words, he should've done the wrong thing to show the American public and the members of the opposition party controlling the legislative branch that they weren't the boss of him, despite the fact that it could've gone badly, as you pointed out earlier.

As it happens, I remember a few verses about another English conflict outside of Albion that exactly fits in with your reasoning, old bean. It's been a few years, but without recourse to Google I do remember

"Theres' was not to reason why
Theres' was but to do or die."

So, you caused me to look up (Google) the definition of exceptional. Here is the first definition I found:

unusual; not typical.
(as in)"crimes of exceptional callousness and cruelty"
synonyms: unusual, uncommon, abnormal, atypical, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, rare, unprecedented, unexpected, surprising;

I think I stick with "exceptional"

Actually the US took a backseat in Lybya. That was a NATO operation in which the US assisted, very usefully too. But it was initially led by Britain and France in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1973. What criticism did the Republicans offer then? It was that President Obama wasn't showing leadership by having America take a larger role. There is literally no hypocritical sack of shit like a Republican sack of shit. And one can generally extend that to conservatives too.

So how's that Brexit thing going?

I guess that's why Air Force One is now nicknamed Shortbus.

PM, you are so lucky! If you did not have a David Duff you would have to invent him.

Point taken!

Yes, I remember their complaint that Obama was "leading from behind" at that time...
Until it was time to blame someone for Benghazi. Did you notice how they blamed Obama until he got reelected, then shifted the blame, convieniently enough to Hillary Clinton?

Do you have difficulty reading, DA, or is it just comprehension you lack?

"And he even gets a cheer from me", in other words, I think that probably he was right although he should have thought a bit harder *before* backing himself into a corner.

So far, so good, thank you for asking!

Quite right, Liam, I couldn't have put it better myself.

"Do you have difficulty reading, DA, or is it just comprehension you lack?"

Yes, old chap, did you miss this in my comment?

"despite the fact that it could've gone badly, as you pointed out earlier."

As for "thought a little bit harder before backing himself into a corner": Good backhand compliment, delivered by devoted acolyte of Our Lady of the Shopkeepers!

It was the Russians who got him out of that corner by their agreement to help disarm Assad, old boy. Didn't you ever read the part in Holy Writ about performing evil that good may come out of it?

So, let's get it straight, he did the right thing, but wasn't thoughtful enough and backed himself into a corner.

Sell the Pound on Rallies

HSBC have made a tactical recommendation to clients that they consider selling the British Pound on any rallies in anticipation of an intensification of political risk, the structural headwind of the current account deficit and possible signs of softness in the economic cycle.

HSBC have previously recommended that GBP-USD is to be sold at 1.2540 - very close to the 1.2450 seen at the time of writing.

“Those not already engaged in GBP may be tempted to wait for better levels to sell, somewhere in the 1.2700-1.2850 region where it last topped out,” says Bloom.

Lucky? Why so?
PM has an ignorant English halfwit troll crapping all over the comments section once or twice a week.
Why would Pm have to invent that?

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