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May 19, 2017


Peter G

I find active hate somewhat exhausting myself. I like to ration it but I do understand how you feel. Donald trump is an asshole. He has always been an asshole and he will always be an asshole. He is an asshole as a matter of both principle and reflex even when there is no discernible reason why a human being would even contemplate being an asshole. Want to guess what a men's cologne named Trump would smell like. Not hard to guess is it? Bottled asshole. The times, as they say, brought forth the part of a man called the asshole. And he came, as gnats do, in a cloud of assholes.

A reader might possibly guess at this point that, while I might feel the need to ration hate, I do have virtually unlimited resources when it comes to contempt. Contempt is useful. Contempt allows you to laugh at the contempt worthy, to mock their wilful stupidity and ignorance. This is hard to do when hate figures too prominently in the mind. My peace of mind requires that I mock Trump.

Not saying I won't indulge in some of the good old hate as required. But he is, after all, just getting started being a presidential asshole. Don't want to burn out too early in the worst presidential administration ever. Donald Trump is just too much of a clown to warrant more than that for me just now.


Trump and his supporters have reduced respect for America to approximately the same as our population- five percent. Even when he is gone, like slavery, this stain will always be with us.


I find myself wishing for Trump and his whole malign crew to rot in jail: not to satisfy justice, but because I want them to suffer. I've always found it difficult to wish ill for another person. (As for political figures, I hated George W. Bush, but would have found no satisfaction in his suffering.) With Trump and his enablers, it's all to easy.


Well then.


And one more thing... he does do what he says he will do sometimes. And I think here he means full well to destroy Obamacare. It's totally coming.


I hated him right out of the box: his inciting people to violence during his rallies, I empathized with all those affected by the Muslim ban, the outright lies told by his surrogates, then there was draconian budget proposal and the random tough guy raid in Yemen, the cocky swagger while dealing with the North Korea event in his faux-Versailles restaurant, not to mention the manufactured escalation with North Korea that led to people casually mentioning the real possibility of nuclear war!!!! There was nothing but seething dislike for that person and heartbreak for what this nation has become. Then there was his sloppy firing of Comey, his loose lipped revealing of state secrets to the Russian, his comment that nobody knew health care could be so difficult and these things showed him to be nothing but a rube, and a stupid one at that. I can't think of a single individual that I have seen in my 44 years of life who was so publicly, wilfully and consistently stupid..I don't follow celebrity gossip but maybe Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber...

Ivory Bill Woodpecker

Donald Trump is the lowest motherfuckin' snake on the planet?

Aren't you forgetting his master, Tsar Vladimir?

Ascended Madoka forgive me, but I hope the Bitch Goddess Karma has got something special in mind for Putin.

By "special", I mean "Twilight Zone Ironic Retribution" special.

c u n d gulag

If t-RUMP's a clown, then he's like a
John Wayne Gacy type clown:

As for hate, who needs to spend more than a few second a day giving in to that emotion.
A few seconds is enough.
"Two-minute hates" are satisfying, but wearying.

What I try to do, is then turn my hatred into words and gestures, and ridicule and mock this orange Golem - who was given life by the art of Black Conservative Magic (and voter suppression efforts)!

I find comfort in this thought:
Every time t-RUMPLE-thin-sKKKin turns his back on this Middle Eastern and European ('Gotta Get Outta DC ')tour, everyone in the room will be mocking and ridiculing him!

People will be digging their nails into their palms, others will have blood on their teeth from biting-down on the insides of their cheeks too hard, to keep from openly laughing at him!

Of course, after he leaves, the rooms will ring with laughter, and people may lose kidney and bowel control, and people in HAZMAT suits will be called in to clean-up another mess t-RUMP left in his wake!

David & Son of Duff

"Contempt is useful. Contempt allows you to laugh at the contempt worthy, to mock their wilful stupidity and ignorance."

You mean, Peter, like the contempt you and others poured over the heads of all those 'irredeemables' who just happened to possess voting rights!

Who's laughing now?!

The Dark Avenger

Trump has a popularity rating in the cellar, so laugh away if you can, moronic lad.


Fuck off, troll. "Who's laughing now" Bigoted assholes like you, cold-blooded murderers like Putin, to name two. You can go back to gloating about murdered Black children.

Did I mention? Fuck off, troll.


Sour grapes.


Do you mean all those kids in poverty facing $43 billion in Medicaid cuts?

Peter G.

Me. I'm laughing at you. You are one of the people I laugh at. You are a source of nearly endless humor. You, in Britain, and millions of Americans elected to do really stupid things. You chose Brexit. Now as a Canadian who is acutely aware of the relationship between my country and the one ten times as large in population that is our neighbor I'll just say that the idea that you are going to "show them" is patently ridiculous. I have read the Conservative Manifesto and as Merkel correctly asssed, it is delusional. You are going to get yours. And then when we laugh even harder at you then you can pull a Pee Wee Herman when he falls on his ass and tell us you meant to do that. That is what idiots do.

In America they elected a national embarrassment. I quite like Americans on the whole. But that doesn't make electing an incompetent ignorant doofus a smart thing. And the only people Donald Trump is showing anyone is how eager he is to take a dump on the people who elected him. America sharted itself. While I have a lot of sympathy for those who did not assist in the Great Sharting I laugh at those who did. They are idiots.

Anne J

Donald fucking Trump is the 9/11 of presidents. Time to take the "T"out of "POTUS".

Marc McKenzie

Peter, these are harsh words...but I'm glad you wrote them, because they are true.

Trump IS an incompetent doofus, and yes, idiots in this country elected him to basically say, "I'll show you!" to women, minorities, and Democrats. At the same time you also had idiots voting third party--Jill Stein--to sneer "I'll show you!" to those who did not vote for Sanders but went to Clinton.

And our media, with its incessant coverage of emails and Hillary's every headturn, also played the role of idiots.

Perhaps Trump is the bitter medicine my country needs. We had a taste when we went from Clinton to Bush; now we have gone from a man of true class and dignity--Obama--to a clueless asshole, Trump. If anything, Trump should be the point of the lessons we need to learn--to not take our votes for granted, to understand that elections matter, and to not take our government and those who work in it for granted...and also, to realize that what happens in Washington does NOT stay in Washington.

And a final lesson is that voting with the "I'll show you!" mindset leads to worse things, not better.

(Speaking of Canada--I need to visit again someday. Used to travel there quite a bit to visit relatives)

Peter G.

Look on the bright side. Every nation fucks up once in a while. Trump is a clown. A weird childish clown who doesn't seem to understand much about anything. And he is whiny and weak. Your institutions, particularly the courts, are strong and have slapped him down. His legislative agenda is a joke. And you're not going to toast six million Jews or Muslims. Your country has the same great shield as mine and that is the great diversity of the population. So basically what you have in Trump is a human kidney stone. This too shall pass.

Robert Oppenheimer was fond of quoting the Bhagadvad Gita. This one in fact: In confusion, in the depths of shame, the good deeds a man has done before defend him. I think that applies to nations too. You banked some serious credit with the wider world by electing Obama.

Anne J

Strike that. Take "t" and "u" out. He only plays to the states he won anyway, he's President Of States. P.O.S.

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